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As both a film experience and as an adaptation, Venom is a disappointment on nearly every level.

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Then and Now: Venom

A reporter, fallen from grace after his career-making expose was revealed to be a fake.

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REVIEW: Venom #6-“Godfall”

The blistering conclusion to Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s first arc of Venom has arrived! Can Eddie Brock defeat

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REVIEW: Web of Venom: Ve’Nam #1

Venam Featured Image

The best Venom comic in years unleashes its first spin-off! Does it show exciting new things to come? Find out in our review!

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Venom #5- “Before The Storm”

Venom 5 Feature Image

While technically filler, this issue contains similar insane plot twists, as well as the striking imagery, that defines this run.

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Venom #4-“In Darkness Dwells A God”

The origin of the God of the Symbiotes is revealed by Knull-and it completely upends everything you thought you knew about Venom.

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Venom #3-“A God Among Us”

Eddie finally comes face to face with this god—as well as Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man!

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A History of Gaming: Spider-Man

This article was written by Peter Harte of the dynamic duo that is The Superior Comic Show and Nobody (Kade).

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REVIEW: Venom #2- “The Comeback King”

Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s Venom run continues to be a weird superhero thrill ride all fans of the character

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