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REVIEW: Amazon’s The Tick – Season Two

featured= the tick

Amazon’s The Tick isn’t your average superhero comic book show. Sure it sports the tights

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Review: Marvel Rising: Initiation

Marvel Rising Initiation

Marvel Rising: Initiation serves as miniseries prequel to the upcoming Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors animated feature.

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REVIEW: Cloak and Dagger S1E3- “Stained Glass”


The second week of Cloak and Dagger appears to be better than the rocky start they had.

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Review: Black Lightning S1E4

Even the best series have weak moments. After an outstanding beginning, Black Lightning S1E4 loses

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REVIEW: Black Lightning S1E3

One of the emerging hallmarks of Black Lightning is the show’s ability to meld soapy drama and super-heroic thrills

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REVIEW: Black Lightning S1E2

Black Lightning episode two builds depth and complexity, all the time ramping up the pressure on our hero

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