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REVIEW: Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #7

Spider-Gwen 7 saving child

Spider-Gwen is struggling with regular life as an outed superhero and problems with her powers.

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REVIEW: Captain Marvel #3

Captain Marvel 3 header

Captain Marvel is trapped under a barrier fighting for survival with several other heroes against Nuclear Man.

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REVIEW: Spider-Woman (1979) Episode 2- “Realm of Darkness”

Spider-Woman Realm of Darkness

An entity by the name of Dormammu seeks to enslave humanity. In this episode we are graced with a villain

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REVIEW: Spider-Woman (1979) Episode 1- “Pyramids of Terror”

Spider Woman Review Feature

Jessica and Friends travel to Egypt to research the mummy Khufu only to find themselves embroiled in an alien invasion. 

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