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Do You Even Comic Book Review Podcast- Tony Stark: Ironman #1

Do You even Comic Book Review Podcast Tony Stark On this episode Sceritz and Task discuss Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 by Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti
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Do You Even Comic Book!? Review Cast- Domino #3

Domino #3 Do You Even Comic Book Review Podcast On This Episode of the Do You Even Comic Book!? Review Cast, Sceritz and Dex talk about Domino #3
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Wakanda IV Ever Special Delivery- Bryan Edward Hill

Wakanda IV Ever SD Bryan Edward Hill Sceritz and Casj talk to one of the hardest working talents in the industry, Bryan Edward Hill, who has worked on Titans, Evil Dead, Postal, Michael Cray
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Wakanda IV Ever: Special Delivery- Avengers Infinity War

Wakanda IV Ever Infinity War Sceritz and Tiffany talk about the 10-year in the making film, Avengers: Infinity War in a 2-Hour analysis and critique
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Wakanda IV Ever: Episode 23- Black Panther #172, Storm & T’Challa

Wakanda IV Ever Episode 23 Listen to Sceritz and Tiffany on Episode 23 of Wakanda IV Ever as they discuss Black Panther #172
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Wakanda IV Ever: Episode 19- “Black Panther- The Movie”

Wakanda IV Ever Episode 19 Sceritz and Tiffany (TurntheBeatup) Discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie, The Black Panther, in a 2-hour extended analysis episode.
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Wakanda IV Lyfe Special Delivery: Before Black Panther

Sceritz and Sistah Geek are joined by Thaddeus Howze, Donovan Julian, Renee Cooper, Kwame Amuleru, Sean Casjwell for an impromptu
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Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Comics: Season 3, Episode 13- “2017 in Movies”

Dex and Mikey welcome Huey Freeman BKA A-Love and Big Country to talk the year in movies that was 2017.
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Wakanda IV Lyfe: Episode 17- “Black Panther v3 9-12, v6, 169, and Rise of the Black Panther #1”

Wakanda IV Lyfe Episode 17 Logo DYECB On episode 17 of Wakanda IV Lyfe, The Black Panther Podcast, Sistah and Sceritz Discuss Black Panther v3
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Comic Noobs Show #121: Mutant Hank Moody

Comic Noobs 121 DYECB We’re talking Joss Whedon’s epic run on Astonishing X-Men! See how the team re-forms in the wake of the tragedy
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