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Five (and a half) Predictions for Thor: Love and Thunder!

Can you believe they’re really making a Jane!Thor movie?! Like, it’s actually happening? I’m not

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Martin Scorsese, Superhero Film, and what makes a Film

Martin Scorsese takes time to critique superhero films, saying they aren’t cinema. I don’t agree. Here’s why.

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What Could Be Next For Spider-Man and Marvel?

Spider-Man is Spider-Man no matter what studio makes him and in the end, we should all have fun.

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Disney+: Official Release Date and More

Vincent is here giving you a quick run down of all the exciting things from Disney’s Investors Day.

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Hawkeye TV Series: Who is Kate Bishop?

Who’s Kate Bishop aside from the MCU’s next sensation? Find out here everything you need to know!

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Review: Daredevil S3 E7-E13 “Knocking Down The Kingpin”

Vincent, Kade, and Shaun discuss the back half of the strongest Daredevil season yet.

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Disney Fires James Gunn After Unearthed Tweets Centering on Pedophilia and Rape

Disney Studios has decided to fire James Gunn for the third volume of Guardians of the Galaxy after controversial tweets from the director.

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REVIEW: Cloak and Dagger s1e6 “Funhouse Mirrors”

Claok and Dagger Tyron and Tandy

Tyrone and Tandy glimpse into the futures they could have had, had the night of the Roxxon oil rig explosion

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ButWhyTho Episode 68: The Wasp Matters

She named the Avengers and has led them more times than any other member who isn’t Captain America, but why is she just now being introduced in the MCU?

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REVIEW: Cloak and Dagger S1E5- “Princeton Offense”

Cloak and Dagger- Basketball Rally

Corruption is everywhere and even those, like Tyron’s mother, who aren’t evil are tainted by the evil of others.

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