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REVIEW: Krypton s1e10 “The Phantom Zone”


Krypton is over and it has been renewed for another. This week, everything came to a head as Brainiac has

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REVIEW: Krypton s1e9 “Hope”


The state of affairs in the city of Kandor on Krypton look grim indeed. It seems hope

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REVIEW: Krypton s1e8 “Savage Night”


In this week’s Krypton, the action starts ramping up. We learn a bit more about Adam Strange, and  alliances

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REVIEW: Krypton S1E7 “Transformation”


In this week’s Krypton, things go from bad to worse for our heroes

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REVIEW: Krypton S1E6- “Civil Wars”


On this week’s Krypton, we learned that the mysterious leader trying to stop Brainiac is none other than General Zod.

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REVIEW: Krypton s1e5 “House of Zod”

Lyta-Zod's execution

Lyta-Zod stands accused of treason and the only way to save her is for Jayna to throw away her honor

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REVIEW: Krypton s1e4 “The Word of Rao”

Voice of Rao

This week, the answer to the question “What is Krypton?” is court intrigue centered around the Voice of Rao.

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REVIEW: Krypton s1e3 “Rankless Initiative”

"Rankless Initiative" feature

This week I see that Krypton is the journeys of two people Rankless Seg and Lyta-Zod.

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REVIEW: Krypton S1E2 “House of El”

Val-El House of El

Daron-Vex and his daughter Nyssa conspire to control Seg, and keep him from following the path of the House of El

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Review: Krypton S1E1 “Pilot”


200 years before Superman came to Earth, a planet existed called Krypton. With a plethora of new and exciting characters,

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