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King Supreme: A King is Evoked, Live on Kickstarter!

King Supreme Kickstarter Featured

“To Be Young, Indie, and Black” Veteran Indie Creators Join Forces on New YA Comic Book Series!

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REVIEW: Marassa #1

Marassa is a space opera that cements its creators as rising stars. Immersive storytelling and worldbuilding make this title stand apart.

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Do You Even Comic Book Podcast Special Edition: Mayke, Braxton Regenesis Kickstarter

Braxton Regenesis Featured Interview

Sceritz speaks to Ed Williams and Stephanie Williams of Mayke, and discuss the creation of their latest graphic novel Braxton: Regenesis.

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Flame Angel, a 1960s Magical Girl Comic, Launches on Kickstarter

Flame Angel 1 Magical Girl Featured

Debut writer Bobby Singer is pleased to announce the launch of the Kickstarter for their first comic series, Flame Angel

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Mine to Avenge: Book of Layla #2 Now on Kickstarter!

Robert Jeffrey II is back with issue #2 of Mine to Avenge: Book of Layla #2 on Kickstarter! next issue in this awesome series!

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Braxton: Regenesis, an 120-Page Graphic Novel, Now on Kickstarter

Braxton: Regenesis is now LIVE on kickstarter! Check out this new project by the media company Mayke.

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ADVANCED REVIEW: Beastlands #1 (On Kickstarter!)

The first issue of feels like the appetizer to a feast. Support this Kickstarter now!

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REVIEW: The Leaders of the Free World

Leaders of the Free World is one of the latest comic books to add their voice through the Kickstarter platform. The creative team of Corey Pruitt and Elijah Isaiah Johnson make a strong debut.

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ADVANCED REVIEW: Mine to Avenge: Book of Layla #1 (On Kickstarter!)

Mine to Avenge Cover Featured

Mine to Avenge #1 is full of action, sci-fi, and horror-esque mystery that is sure to intrigue you on every page turn.

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Go Support Brigantia, now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Brigantia 2 Kickstarter Featured

BRIGANTIA is an independent pagan/fantasy comic book series self-published by writer Christopher Mole and artist Melissa Trender

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