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REVIEW: Valkyrie: Jane Foster # 2

Being a Valkyrie is about giving people a good death- if you cannot save their life.

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Jane Foster, Phd, MD. FAQ

GET HYPE! But also, get answers.

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REVIEW: Valkyrie: Jane Foster # 1

Everything’s coming up Jane Foster! As if a Jane Thor movie being announced wasn’t exciting enough

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How The War Was Won: A Retrospective of War of the Realms – Part 2

When Jane lost everything, it was just a part of being human.

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REVIEW: War of the Realms #6

As someone who’s been obsessively into Thor’s comic book saga since Aaron first started writing it- I’m one satisfied customer.

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Valhalla Bound – The New Valkyrie

I rarely feel so so smug about getting something- to use a British phrase- bang on the money, but

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REVIEW: War of the Realms #2

Much like the heroes, we’re thrown into the action so fast we’re not sure which way is up at first, but

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REVIEW: The Mighty Thor: At The Gates of Valhalla

It’s pretty clear the focus of this issue is to bring the War of the Realms crashing back into our lives.

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REVIEW: The Mighty Thor #706

The Mighty Thor is dead, long live the Mighty Thor.

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Calm Thine Tits, The Pointless Overreaction to the Least Radical Thor

So, now that the dust has settled on Thor 705, and we’re facing what is effectively a wake in 706, I think now’s a good time to address the very white elephant in the room.

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