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REVIEW: Fairlady #1

A new fantasy detective adventure that readers can enjoy without stress. It has a strong female lead, a cat man, and a fantastical setting.

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REVIEW: Little Bird #1

Little Bird #1

In Little Bird #1, the titular character must free a Canadian folk hero from captivity and fight back against the theocratic American Empire.

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Die 2 featured image

DIE! #2 / Writer” Kieron Gillen / Artist: Stephanie Hans / Letterer: Clayton Cowles /

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REVIEW: ‘Deadly Class’ S1E1

Deadly Class Feature Image

SyFy released the Deadly Class pilot on Youtube. Here’s an early review for 2019’s most promising show.

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REVIEW: DIE #1- “D&D Gone Wrong”

Die 1 featured image

Gillen and Hans bring us a roleplaying game gone wrong as a “party” of teens goes into their game and made it out once, but now they go back.

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REVIEW: Blackbird #3

The most striking thing about Blackbird- apart from the fun, epic urban fantasy by way of mahou shoujo setting

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REVIEW: Middlewest #1 – “The Violent Wind”

Middlewest #1

In the midwest the wind is a force of nature. In Middlewest #1 it is a character.

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My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies

Ellie is a young girl with a troubled past struggling with addiction in a rehab clinic.

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REVIEW: Blackbird #1

An urban fantasy? A team up between the writer of Jonesy and Jen Bartel? That’s got a gorgeous synthwave aesthetic? Sign me up sailor!

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What Saga #54 Meant To Me

Saga #54 rocked readers and critics. Here are my thoughts on the emotional issue

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