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REVIEW: She Could Fly #3

Please, if you have a spare slot- don’t miss out on this one. Or at least pick up the trade when it comes out; this one’s destined to be a stand alone classic.

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REVIEW: She Could Fly #1

Should Could Fly #1 Review Mysterious Flying Woman

This book surprised me in so many ways, such as the uncomfortably close-to-home depiction of intrusive thoughts and intense

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REVIEW: Tomb Raider: Inferno #1

Inferno, so far, feels like a solid but ultimately very functional action movie… which is appropriate really.

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REVIEW: Tomb Raider: Survivor’s Crusade #4

Flat and rushed feels like an adequate way to describe Tomb Raider: Survivor’s Crusade so far.

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REVIEW: Usagi Yojimbo #166- “The Hidden”

In an age in which lords engage in civil war almost constantly, fighting to build power or gain land, danger lurks for those on the outside of society.

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REVIEW: Giants #3

Gogi is shows that he wan’t to a have more stable life instead of struggling underground and Zedo is pushing

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REVIEW: Incognegro Renaissance #1 – “Trophies and Phonies”

Incognegro Renaissance advertises itself as a Harlem murder mystery, but underneath that surface lies a deeper commentary on race

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