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Otakon 2019: The Evolution of the Modern Anime Convention

Otakon Featured Image

This year’s Otakon kept the spirit of the old style anime convention alive wrapped in a shiny modern package.

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RECAP: Awesome Con 2019

Awesome Con 2019 managed its ever-growing crowds but still kept its heart as a nerdy get together of the DMV persuasion. It continues to be well worth attending,

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Rollin’ Through MegaCon Orlando: A Packing Guide

It was just recently my favorite time of the year. No, not my birthday, and certainly not Christmas. It was MegaCon Orlando. MegaCon is Orlando’s biggest fan convention and is growing larger every year. This year the convention ran from Thursday, May 24–Sunday, May 27. While in past years my packing list consisted mostly of comic books I want to get signed, this year is a bit more of a challenge.

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