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Super Obvious

Apparently DC is struggling to make Superman ‘relevant’ to modern audiences and to my delight, my timeline was flooded with people who all had takes along the lines of ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

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Action Comics #1001-“Truth and Secrets”

Brian Michael Bendis launches a new Action Comics run, teaming with artist Patrick Gleason to focus on Clark Kent’s work at the Daily Planet.

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REVIEW: Superman #1 “The Never Ending Battle”

Brian Bendis and Ivan Reis begin their Superman run in earnest, asking tough questions of the Man ladened with Steel

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Man of Steel #6-“For The Man Who Lost Everything”

With his Fortress of Solitude destroyed and his family is missing, Clark has lost everything.

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Do You Even Comic Book Club 2018.06.25- “All-Star Supeman”

All-Star Superman Cover Featured Do You Even Comic Book Club

This week’s Do You Even Comic Book Club will be switching gears to The Man of Steel himself- Superman! But instead of focusing

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