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Crisis On Infinite Earths Episodes 1-3 Discussion

There were so many cameos, crossovers, and winks in the first three parts of Crisis On Infinite Earths that we had to team up to talk about it.

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The CW’s DC shows gear up for their biggest crossover event yet, based on one of the most influential DC storylines of all time.

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REVIEW: Detective Comics #987

Detective Comics 987 header Katana Black Lightning Batman

Batman has formed a team to deal with the latest threat to Gotham City, a mind-reading psychopath named Karma

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REVIEW: Black Lightning s1e12 “Book of Pain”

Black Lightning and Thunder

This week’s Black Lightning had both great moments…and boring moments. It remained solid. However, I typically expect more

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REVIEW: Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #6

Not just with their fight in the warehouse, but also tearing down his business and taking back the streets

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Review: Black Lightning S1E4

Even the best series have weak moments. After an outstanding beginning, Black Lightning S1E4 loses

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REVIEW: Black Lightning S1E3

One of the emerging hallmarks of Black Lightning is the show’s ability to meld soapy drama and super-heroic thrills

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REVIEW: Black Lightning S1E2

Black Lightning episode two builds depth and complexity, all the time ramping up the pressure on our hero

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