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REVIEW: Batwoman S1E10 – “How Queer Everything Is Today”

Batwoman s1e10 Kate and Alice

Batwoman is trying to protect Gotham City from a hacker threatening to blackmail the entire city

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REVIEW: Batwoman S1E7 – “Tell Me The Truth”

Thomas fills in for Paul, so put on your invincible Bat-armor and rev up those motorcycles, it’s time to take a look at Batwoman’s seventh episode.

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REVIEW: Batwoman s1e5 “Mine is a Long and Sad Tale”

Batwoman s1e5 Kate Alice Diner

Batwoman captures Alice hoping to find out what happened to her after the accident.

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REVIEW: Batwoman s1e4 “Who Are You”

Batwoman s1e4 Kate Kane Who Are You

Kate Kane is struggling to adjust to life as Batwoman and Magpie threatens to take it all away

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REVIEW: Batwoman s1e3 “Down Down Down”

Batwoman s1e3 Kate Alice Batsignal

Gotham City believes Batman has returned, which complicates Batwoman’s mission.

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REVIEW: Batwoman #14

The new leaders of The Many Arms of Death enact revenge against Batwoman, unleashing a terrible attack on Gotham

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REVIEW: Batwoman #13

Batwoman is on the hunt for the leader of the terrorist group who she thinks has kidnapped her sister Beth.

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