Rules and Guidelines

DYECB Rules and Guidelines

Do You Even Comic Book Rules and Guidelines

This document is meant to outline a set of standards, rules, and guidelines to which we expect the Do You Even Comic Book!? community at large to adhere. As stated within our mission statement, we seek to encourage positive attitudes and discussions while simultaneously purging toxic ideas and behavior. The following will help to promote this attitude:

  1. All who enjoy comic books and related entertainment are those that “even comic book.” It is our explicit mission to dispel the notion that any level knowledge of comics makes you more or less within the community.
  2. There is no such thing as a “fake fan.” The community will not tolerate any who wish to challenge a fan’s authenticity.
  3. Gatekeeping of any level is not allowed. Gatekeeping is defined as trying to control access to the comic community, usually based on knowledge of the fandom. It is also often targeted at women. This will not be tolerated.
  4. Sexism, racism, or sexual orientation shaming of any form is not tolerated. If something is perceived as this by the community at large, desist.
  5. Shaming, bullying, and cruelty will not be tolerated.
  6. The Do You Even Comic Book!? community does not associate with trolls or other individuals who make it their mission to bring negative energy into the community. When coming across individuals like this, the primary directive of community members is to disengage, as to not invite unnecessary toxicity.
  7. Taking unwarranted first shots at anyone in the comic community will not be tolerated. While a response to negative shots, and defending oneself is understood, (arguments will happen, we are human) the effort to disengage (as stated in #6) should still be the primary goal.
  8. Respect fellow community members. If there is an issue, seek to peacefully resolve it, and privately if possible. Your keyphrase is: “We are Venom.” If you knowingly or unknowingly offend a community member, it is encouraged that you seek to consider their views and peacefully talk it out and if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable addressing someone directly, or feel that attempts at a resolution have come to an impasse, please address the Council.
  9. Sub-tweeting (or commenting) about members within the Do You Even Comic Book!? community is also seen as taking shots, and will not be tolerated. (Sub-tweeting is defined as talking about an issue with a particular person without mentioning that person directly by name). Taking pictures of tweets to talk bad about it is a version of this.
  10. Publically attacking creators is not allowed. This is not to be confused with critiquing and stating opinion on work, which is allowed. Specifically, we do not tweet/tag them to abuse the creator as a person or their work. . (Exceptions to this rule apply to those who are morally unsound:  domestic violence, abusive hatemongering, Nazis, etc. Still do not tweet/tag them in #DYECB threads).
  11. Love. Don’t hate. Lift. Don’t drag.

If community members are seen not adhering to these guidelines it will be addressed. If activity persists then you may expelled from the community. These guidelines are put in place with the express purpose of protecting members and fostering a positive environment. We are all here to comic book. Let’s do that.