REVIEW: Runaways S2E1-7

Runaways-Around the Table

What would you do if your parents were evil? Molly, Chase, Gert, Nico, Alex, and Caroline chose to become Runaways

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REVIEW: Titans S1E10-11

This show is so darn earnest and wears its heart on its sleeve… as well as its bloodstains.

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REVIEW: ‘Deadly Class’ S1E1

Deadly Class Feature Image

SyFy released the Deadly Class pilot on Youtube. Here’s an early review for 2019’s most promising show.

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The Fate of The Punisher

the punisher

The second season of The Punisher is coming to Netflix next month, January 2019. It’s bittersweet after recent cancellations

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REVIEW: Elseworlds Crossover

Elseworlds-Supergirl, Flash, and Arrow

The annual crossover for the Arrowverse has come and gone, this year titled “Elseworlds.”

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REVIEW: Titans S1E7-9

The Titans road trip continues with a visit to an asylum (not Arkham, but nearly as nefarious) to find Rachel’s

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What You Need To Know About ELSEWORLDS

The Arrowverse’s world-spanning crossover begins tonight, and here’s a quick guide to the heroes and villains you’ll encounter.

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REVIEW: Titans S1E4-6

Titans has improved from its ghastly origin and okay early goings to a genuinely entertaining middle trio of episodes.

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REVIEW: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 1

She Ra

She-Ra returns in a brand new series on Netflix with the other Princesses of Power in tow.

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REVIEW: Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet – Episodes 4-6

The latter half of The Gauntlet goes out with more memorable riffs, inventive machines, and Checkhov’s Plor Alerts.

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