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The Delusions That Become Reality: Legion Season Two Discussion

Shaun Martineau examines the complexity mentality and reality, in Legion Season Two
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REVIEW: Luke Cage S2E7-13

Review Luke Cage Season 2 Featured Image The second half of Luke Cage Season 2 has a lot of ups and downs and we discuss them, here. A lot to discuss, a lot of Luke Cage.
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REVIEW: Cloak and Dagger s1e6 “Funhouse Mirrors”

Claok and Dagger Tyron and Tandy Tyrone and Tandy glimpse into the futures they could have had, had the night of the Roxxon oil rig explosion
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REVIEW: Cloak and Dagger S1E5- “Princeton Offense”

Cloak and Dagger- Basketball Rally Corruption is everywhere and even those, like Tyron’s mother, who aren’t evil are tainted by the evil of others.
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REVIEW: Cloak and Dagger s1e4 “Call/Response”

Cloak and Dagger Episode 4 Review Church Cloak and Dagger isn't the action adventure show one would expect from a comic book show.
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REVIEW: Luke Cage S2E1-6 “Hero For Hire”

Luke Cage Season 2 poster Luke Cage season two is a nuanced story, exploring the themes of family and soul perfectly.
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REVIEW: Cloak and Dagger S1E3- “Stained Glass”

Cloak-Dagger-Tyrone-Tandy-in-the-Lao The second week of Cloak and Dagger appears to be better than the rocky start they had.
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REVIEW: Cloak and Dagger- “It’s a Start”

The opening of Cloak and Dagger, introducing Tandy and Tyrone, was amazing.
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REVIEW: Krypton s1e10 “The Phantom Zone”

Krypton Krypton is over and it has been renewed for another. This week, everything came to a head as Brainiac has
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Review: The Flash Season 4 Finale- “We are The Flash”

The Season 4 finale of The Flash is a wild roller coaster ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
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