Man of Steel #6-“For The Man Who Lost Everything”

With his Fortress of Solitude destroyed and his family is missing, Clark has lost everything.
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REVIEW: Lowlifes #1 – “Technique Over Story”

Lowlifes 1 cover IDW Brian Buccellato so effectively disguises the real story that it borders on deception.
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REVIEW: Ant-Man and The Wasp

Ant-Man and Wasp Review Poster Featured In Ant-man and The Wasp we get a humor-filled action movie that plays on the theme of love to drive an emotional plot
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REVIEW: Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #21

Aphra and Sana Starros 21 Doctor Aphra is in prison with the Rebellion and the Imperial she's in love with trying to break her out
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REVIEW: Captain America #1

Captain America returns to face the consequences of Secret Empire in Captain America #1, the layered and compelling first issue in Ta’Nehisi Coates’s Winter in America Part 1 arc.
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REVIEW: Man of Steel #4

Man of Steel #4 Review Kent House Superman and Supergirl take on Rogol Zaar in Man of Steel #4. We're treated to a well-written battle but little else happens to move the story forward.
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REVIEW: Cloak and Dagger S1E5- “Princeton Offense”

Cloak and Dagger- Basketball Rally Corruption is everywhere and even those, like Tyron’s mother, who aren’t evil are tainted by the evil of others.
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Venom #3-“A God Among Us”

Eddie finally comes face to face with this god—as well as Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man!
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REVIEW: Astro City #52- “Support is Good”

Astro City 52 2018 featured image Astro City concludes its superhero anthology with a three-part story about survivors of superhero-related incidents.
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REVIEW: Cloak and Dagger s1e4 “Call/Response”

Cloak and Dagger Episode 4 Review Church Cloak and Dagger isn't the action adventure show one would expect from a comic book show.
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