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Review: Gwenpool Strikes Back #1

Leah Williams was made to write Gwenpool in all her kooky, inappropriate, and misled glory.

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REVIEW: Coffin Bound #1

Coffin Bound #1 is poetry on the page in a non-stop surreal adventure with out of this world characters you can oddly relate to.

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REVIEW: Old Man Quill #8

Old Man Quill #8/Written by Ethan Sacks/Art by Ibraim Roberson/Colors by Rochelle Rosenberg/Publisher: Marvel Comics/Published Date August 7, 2019

What happened to the Guardians of the Galaxy? What’s left for Peter Quill?

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REVIEW: Lois Lane #2

Lois Lane Header

Lois Lane is the hope and escape we need to recharge, but not to forget what is important.

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REVIEW: Agents of Atlas #1

Agents of Atlas Header

Pak’s ability to see the long game and give the reader inklings of clues keeps us coming back for more.

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REVIEW: Powers of X #1-“The Last Dream of Professor X”

Jonathan Hickman continues his universe-shaking take on the X-Men with his second miniseries, Powers of X. Alongside artist R.B. Silva,

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REVIEW: Stranger Things #3

Jody Houser’s Six has depth, intellect, and bravery, which is shown against the backdrop of her former, fearful self in Stranger Things #3.

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REVIEW: Marvels Epilogue #1

Mavels Epilogue Cover (Cropped)

The Busiek-and-Ross team does a fabulous job here, just like they did in the original miniseries.

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REVIEW: Sabrina The Teenage Witch #4

Kelly Thompson yet again makes Sabrina one of the most relatable and interesting characters to read.

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REVIEW: Sword Master #1

Sword Master header

After his recent performance you’d think he’d have a better handle on his new life as the Sword Master.

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