REVIEW: Agents Of SHIELD s6e5- “The Other Side”

The Other Side Zypher Crew

It tackled relationships, kidnapping, and love, both on Earth and on the other side of the universe.

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REVIEW: Superman: Leviathan Rising #1

A new Superman centered event begins with iconic DC Writers new and old taking the helm.

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REVIEW: The Flash #72

The Flash: Year One continues to be an original and fun take on the origin of Barry Allen as he figures out being the fastest man alive.

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Review: Silver Surfer Black #1

Silver Surfer Black Header

Ultimately, Cates shows us that even when in the darkest place, the light will prevail, even if it leaves a mark.

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REVIEW: The Immortal Hulk #19

Immortal Hulk continues to tell a terrifying superhero tale about Marvel’s iconic Green Giant.

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Review: Superman #12

Superman Header

Superman’s Unity Saga returns with The House of El being all together. This issue is a crossover with Supergirl.

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REVIEW: Dark Phoenix

The X-Men series comes to a end with the Dark Phoenix Saga. Does this film flame out or rise triumphant from the ashes?

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REVIEW: Lady Mechanika: Sangre #1

Lady Mechanika header

Lady Mechanika journeys to Spain to help a boy possessed by a demon, but is he?

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REVIEW: Agents of SHIELD s6e4 “Code Yellow”

Agents of SHIELD Around the Bed

Back on Planet Earth,the agents’ search for Sarge and his merry band continue on, while we FINALLY see what mischief Deke caused.

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Review: Marvel Team-Up #3

Marvel Team-up Header

This Marvel Team-up is the final book in the 3 part series of Ms. Marvel and Spider-man teaming up.

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