ButWhyTho Episode: 66 The Rock Matters

Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? We do! This week, we go through the history of the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
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ButWhyTho Episode: 65 The Lord of the Rings Matters

As a follow-up to our J.R.R. Tolkien episode, we explore the world of Middle Earth and everything: The Lord of the Rings
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ButWhyTho: Deadpool 2 Spoiler Review

Get your chimichangas ready and hold onto tight to your loved one’s butt, we’re talking Deadpool 2. (Spoiler Review)
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Wakanda IV Ever Special Delivery- Bryan Edward Hill

Wakanda IV Ever SD Bryan Edward Hill Sceritz and Casj talk to one of the hardest working talents in the industry, Bryan Edward Hill, who has worked on Titans, Evil Dead, Postal, Michael Cray
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ButWhyTho Episode: 64 Overwatch Matters

Overwatch has become a cultural phenomenon with one of the largest player base of any FPS and accolades for both game play and diverse characters.
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ButWhyTho Episode 63: Tolkien Matters

They talk about the fantasy genre J.R Tolkien reinvigorated, religion, the themes of his work and even how he became beloved by the counter-culture.
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Wakanda IV Ever: Special Delivery- Avengers Infinity War

Wakanda IV Ever Infinity War Sceritz and Tiffany talk about the 10-year in the making film, Avengers: Infinity War in a 2-Hour analysis and critique
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Wakanda IV Ever: Episode 23- Black Panther #172, Storm & T’Challa

Wakanda IV Ever Episode 23 Listen to Sceritz and Tiffany on Episode 23 of Wakanda IV Ever as they discuss Black Panther #172
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Wakanda IV Ever: Special Delivery- Kamikaze

Wakanda IV Ever Kamikaze Sceritz talks with the creators of the Kamikaze Comic! Kamikaze is a story a superhero who goes by the name of Markesha
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ButWhyTho Episode 61: Captain America Matters

This week we talk about the Star-Spangled Man with a plan, Captain America with help from special guest Alex Paterno
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