ButWhyTho: Black Panther Spoiler Review

Directed by Ryan Coogler, it proved that super-hero fatigue means nothing and good movies break records and builds out
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Wakanda IV Ever: Episode 19- “Black Panther- The Movie”

Wakanda IV Ever Episode 19 Sceritz and Tiffany (TurntheBeatup) Discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie, The Black Panther, in a 2-hour extended analysis episode.
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Wakanda IV Lyfe Special Delivery: Before Black Panther

Sceritz and Sistah Geek are joined by Thaddeus Howze, Donovan Julian, Renee Cooper, Kwame Amuleru, Sean Casjwell for an impromptu
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ButWhyTho Episode 51: Black Panther Matters

For over 50 years, the Black Panther has inspired people from the pages of Marvel, in a week,
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SuperSuit Show Episode 87- Special Episode!

Supersuit Show Episode 87 Toast and Task have our most random episode yet... way out there.
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Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Comics: Season 3, Episode 13- “2017 in Movies”

Dex and Mikey welcome Huey Freeman BKA A-Love and Big Country to talk the year in movies that was 2017.
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Wakanda IV Lyfe: Episode 17- “Black Panther v3 9-12, v6, 169, and Rise of the Black Panther #1”

Wakanda IV Lyfe Episode 17 Logo DYECB On episode 17 of Wakanda IV Lyfe, The Black Panther Podcast, Sistah and Sceritz Discuss Black Panther v3
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ButWhyTho Episode 50: Your Questions Matter

ButWhyTho Episode 50 DYCEB This week we on ButWhyTho celebrate our 50th episode by answering your questions!! In this episode you’ll learn a lot
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Comic Noobs Show #121: Mutant Hank Moody

Comic Noobs 121 DYECB We’re talking Joss Whedon’s epic run on Astonishing X-Men! See how the team re-forms in the wake of the tragedy
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