ButWhyTho Episode 57: Godzilla Matters

Godzilla is the longest running film franchise ever and over 60 years old, this giant nuclear mutated sea monster is a pop culture heavy weight.

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ButWhyTho Episode 58: Iron Man

In honor of Avengers: Infinity War coming out next month, we talk about a hero has risen from the B-list of Marvel’s roster to the foundation Marvel Cinematic Universe: Iron Man.

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ButWhyTho Episode 55: Jessica Jones Matters

In honor of Jessica Jones season 2 premiering on Netflix this week (March 8th), we talked about Jessica Jones and why a hero who has only been around since 2001 has such an impact on her readers.

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ButWhyTho: Black Panther Spoiler Review

Directed by Ryan Coogler, it proved that super-hero fatigue means nothing and good movies break records and builds out

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ButWhyTho Episode 51: Black Panther Matters

For over 50 years, the Black Panther has inspired people from the pages of Marvel, in a week,

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ButWhyTho Episode 50: Your Questions Matter

ButWhyTho Episode 50 DYCEB

This week we on ButWhyTho celebrate our 50th episode by answering your questions!! In this episode you’ll learn a lot

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