Five (and a half) Predictions for Thor: Love and Thunder!

Can you believe they’re really making a Jane!Thor movie?! Like, it’s actually happening? I’m not

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Comic Book Adaptations to Look Forward to in 2020

Comic Book Adaption Releases

 7 Comic Book Adaptations to look forward to in 2020 Every year we as comic

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REVIEW: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The final film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy is a messy, emotional, and entertaining end to the Skywalker saga.

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Super Obvious

Apparently DC is struggling to make Superman ‘relevant’ to modern audiences and to my delight, my timeline was flooded with people who all had takes along the lines of ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

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No More Villains?

There are, shall we say, concerns from those of us who maybe think now’s not the time to take…

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Martin Scorsese, Superhero Film, and what makes a Film

Martin Scorsese takes time to critique superhero films, saying they aren’t cinema. I don’t agree. Here’s why.

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Joker is less about building up a supervillain on the way to fighting righteous vigilantes and more about falling down.

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The Problem With Adapting X-Men

X-Men First Class main heroes

What have been the issues with adapting the X-Men and what will be the issues with doing so in the MCU?

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What Could Be Next For Spider-Man and Marvel?

Spider-Man is Spider-Man no matter what studio makes him and in the end, we should all have fun.

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Fantastic Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Fantastic Four are coming to the MCU. Here is how they should be introduced to become central characters.