Review: Isola #4

I’m always recommending new comics to people. I think it’s important to broaden your horizons and try new things.
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REVIEW: Superman #1 “The Never Ending Battle”

Brian Bendis and Ivan Reis begin their Superman run in earnest, asking tough questions of the Man ladened with Steel
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REVIEW: Hawkman #2- “An Adventure Story”

Review Hawkman 2 featured Image Creators Robert Venditt and Bryan Hitch's Hawkman adventure story continues to be the sleeper hit of 2018.
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Then and Now: Luke Cage

Then and Now Luke Cage Hero for Hire Featured Image Luke Cage first appeared in 1972 but has changed a lot since then. Here's a comparison between the characters earliest
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REVIEW: She Could Fly #1

Should Could Fly #1 Review Mysterious Flying Woman This book surprised me in so many ways, such as the uncomfortably close-to-home depiction of intrusive thoughts and intense
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REVIEW: Astonishing X-Men #13

Review Astonishing X-Men 13 Featured Image Matthew Rosenberg's new X-Story looks to be the makings of an instant classic. Havok, Beast, Reavers, and a tale to astonish.
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A Brief History of British Comics: Part 2 – A Menace to Society and Jolly Good Chaps… In Space

It's at this point in British comics history we see the only time when it's not all so grim or darkly comical.
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REVIEW: Lowlifes #1 – “Technique Over Story”

Lowlifes 1 cover IDW Brian Buccellato so effectively disguises the real story that it borders on deception.
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REVIEW: Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #21

Aphra and Sana Starros 21 Doctor Aphra is in prison with the Rebellion and the Imperial she's in love with trying to break her out
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REVIEW: Man of Steel #4

Man of Steel #4 Review Kent House Superman and Supergirl take on Rogol Zaar in Man of Steel #4. We're treated to a well-written battle but little else happens to move the story forward.
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