REVIEW: Sera and The Royal Stars #1

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Jon Tsuei’s Sera and The Royal Stars is an interesting introduction to Sera. She is a soldier and a Princess.

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REVIEW: Deadpool Annual #1

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Will Deadpool kill the nightmare affecting his new little friend? or will he make a poor assumption? Who knows.

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To Revive a Mockingbird: Comparing Bobbi Morse’s Revenge/Recovery Arcs in the Comics and in Television

West Coast Avengers #23 Mockingbird

As a latecomer to the show, I was curious: How good of a job did it do adapting her character?

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REVIEW: Valkyrie: Jane Foster # 2

Being a Valkyrie is about giving people a good death- if you cannot save their life.

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How the War was Won: A Retrospective on War of the Realms – Part 3

The end of War of the Realms was very similar to the end of God Butcher, it felt cyclical… because Thor’s lesson is a constant one.

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REVIEW: Fantastic Four #13

The conclusion to the epic fight between Ben Grimm, the Thing, and the Immortal Hulk

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REVIEW: Absolute Carnage #1- “The Bleeding King”

Absolute Carnage #1 is a gloriously gruesome 60-page ode to the horrors of Cletus Kasady. All Hail The Bleeding King.

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Review: Gwenpool Strikes Back #1

Leah Williams was made to write Gwenpool in all her kooky, inappropriate, and misled glory.

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REVIEW: Coffin Bound #1

Coffin Bound #1 is poetry on the page in a non-stop surreal adventure with out of this world characters you can oddly relate to.

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REVIEW: Lois Lane #2

Lois Lane Header

Lois Lane is the hope and escape we need to recharge, but not to forget what is important.

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