Support Heroes International #1 by Short Fuse Media on Kickstarter!

Heroes international Cover Featured A comic book featuring a superhero team just like any other popular superhero team from Marvel or DC with one exception...They Suck!
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My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies Ellie is a young girl with a troubled past struggling with addiction in a rehab clinic.
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REVIEW: Avengers #9

The Avengers in this issue fight Namor in what promises to be an epic battle for the ages.
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Support Erathune, Niobe: She is Death, & Essessa on Kickstarter!

Niobe She is Death #1 Hyoung Cover Featured Stranger Comics just launched an opportunity to get limited and exclusive copies of new comic NIOBE: She is Death issues
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REVIEW: Blackbird #1

An urban fantasy? A team up between the writer of Jonesy and Jen Bartel? That's got a gorgeous synthwave aesthetic? Sign me up sailor!
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REVIEW: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31-“Changing Of The Guard”

New creative team. New roster. New threats. Welcome to the next era of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!
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REVIEW: Star Wars #55

Han Solo and Rogue Squadron lead an assault to save the Rebel fleet from Darth Vader and the Empire.
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A Brief History of British Comics: Part 4 – What is it good for?

I've decided to go with my original plan and discuss British War comics- specifically Battle Picture Weekly- instead. Why?
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Support the Wildcard Chronicles now on Kickstarter!

Wildcard Chronicles Kickstarter Featured Issue 2 of the Wildcard Chronicles is a 32-page full color fast-paced thrill ride set in the Afrofuturistic Tekhen City
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REVIEW: These Savage Shores #1

These Savage Shores opens in the idyllic setting of an Indian landscape. Two lovers surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna
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