Martin Scorsese, Superhero Film, and what makes a Film

Martin Scorsese takes time to critique superhero films, saying they aren’t cinema. I don’t agree. Here’s why.

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The Upbringing Of LGBTQ Comics and The Importance Of Surely Books

It was recently revealed that Abrams Books, a book publishing company, is starting an LGBTQ

House Of X/Powers Of X Staff Discussion

House Of X and Powers Of X Staff Discussion

SPOILER WARNING FOR HOUSE OF X/POWERS OF X If you want some last-minute thoughts about

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The CW’s DC shows gear up for their biggest crossover event yet, based on one of the most influential DC storylines of all time.

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My Top 10 Favorite Moments from Smallville

Take a look back on the glory that is Smallville

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New Horizons

Comic Horizon Logo Official Alternate

Comics Horizon comes packed with the sense of wonder, and the exploration of something new, beyond the stereotypical, and often ill-informed idea of what a comic fan is.

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The Problem With Adapting X-Men

X-Men First Class main heroes

What have been the issues with adapting the X-Men and what will be the issues with doing so in the MCU?

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What Fresh Hell Is This? Now LIVE on Kickstarter!

What Fresh Hell Is This?

Red Stylo Media launched a crowdfunded project this month for their new anthology, What Fresh Hell Is This?

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DragonCon 2019 Interview: Sanford Greene

Sanford Greene, comic and cover artist known for primarily for his work with Power Man & Iron Fist and Bitter Root.

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What Could Be Next For Spider-Man and Marvel?

Spider-Man is Spider-Man no matter what studio makes him and in the end, we should all have fun.

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