Super Mundane: Useless Superpowers for Everyday People

super mundane Becky asked the community, if you could have one mundane/useless power what would it be? And the community delivered.
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#WellActually: “No One Wants This”- Iron Fist in Luke Cage Season 2

Do You Even Comic Book Iron Fist Welcome to the first installment of #WellActually, where I disagree with hot takes in the fandom.
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Calm Thine Tits, The Pointless Overreaction to the Least Radical Thor

So, now that the dust has settled on Thor 705, and we're facing what is effectively a wake in 706, I think now's a good time to address the very white elephant in the room.
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INTERVIEW: G. Willow Wilson

G. Willow Wilson is a writer who is currently writing the Hugo-Award winning series Ms. Marvel for Marvel comics. She’s written comics such as Vixen
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Support the “Wash Day” Comic by Jamila Rowser on Kickstarter!

Wash Day Featured Image Wash Day is a slice-of-life comic that pays tribute to the beauty and endurance of black women and their hair.
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Saved By The 90s – Characters I’d Like To See Come Back In The Captain Marvel Film

Since the Captain Marvel film is set in the past, here is a list of characters that should return as well.
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The Return of the Fantastic Four, What Does this Mean for Movie Future?

With a staggering, anticipatory countdown, this morning, Marvel announced news of a new Fantastic Four series
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Do You Even Duel: Final Fight #1- Karnak vs. Midnighter

Karnak vs Midnighter Do You Even Duel In our first #DoYouEvenDuel tournament our final contenders are Karnak (@Kaiju66) and Midnighter (@Mvitti417). Read the short narrative
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INTERVIEW: David F. Walker on Wakanda IV EVER

Wakanda IV Ever SD David Walker Sceritz and Tiffany talk to Power Man and Iron Fist, and Cyborg comic book writer, David F. Walker
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Do You Even Comic Book?: In the Classroom, Comics and Education

There were heroes from Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Mexico, Guatemala, Tanzania, Burundi, Iraq, Iran, Togo, Congo, Syria and more.
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