Writer’s Chat- Plotting Out Your Plot

Writer's Chat Plotting out Your Plot Once again it's almost time for Do You Even Comic Book’s Writer’s Chat! Are you a writer?
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So, You’ve Decided to Attend to DragonCon

DragonCon 2018 DragonCon in Atlanta, GA is unlike any other pop culture convention out there. While most modern conventions focus on the
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Closure in Madripoor: The Problem With Psylocke

Psylocke Feature Image A reversal to a major X-Men character has just been made, three decades after fact. Find out how!
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Yes, It’s Okay To Be The ‘Saddest, Angriest Black Girl In Town’

The courage to unmask our emotions in the best and worst times is true strength.
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A Brief History of British Comics: Part 3 – Marvelman / Miracle Man

It's safe to say Great Britain is not a country known for its superheroes or superhero archetypes.
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Then and Now: Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Feature Image After two years, the Fantastic Four are finally back! See their contributions to the comics and movies of today!
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LCS Spotlight: Source Comics & Games

Source Comics and Games If you ever get up to the Twin Cities, be SURE to make your way to Source Comics & Games. Everyone there is smart, helpful, friendly, and it’s a huge store.
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Infinity Wars Reading Order

Infinity Wars Prime Cover Featured So Infinity Wars #1 just dropped! The cover looks incredible! The writing and art is amazing! But...
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Do You Even Comic Book’s Top 5 Comics of July 2018

July was a hot month for comics. There were several new number 1's along with some highly emotional issues
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Lethal Policing, White Complicity, and THE HATE U GIVE

The Hate U Give Featured The Hate U Give offers up a unique view into what’s become, sadly, a common event in this country.
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