King Supreme: A King is Evoked, Live on Kickstarter!

King Supreme Kickstarter Featured

“To Be Young, Indie, and Black” Veteran Indie Creators Join Forces on New YA Comic Book Series!

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Fantastic Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Fantastic Four are coming to the MCU. Here is how they should be introduced to become central characters.

Legion of Super-Heroes: A Brief (?) History of the Future

DC Comics’ dormant Legion of Super-Heroes franchise is poised for its latest relaunch under Brian Michael Bendis

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Jane Foster, Phd, MD. FAQ

GET HYPE! But also, get answers.

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DC’s October 2019 Solicitations Rundown

After skipping the month of September Vincent is back for his monthly solicitation rundown with a horror themed month.

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How The War Was Won: A Retrospective of War of the Realms – Part 2

When Jane lost everything, it was just a part of being human.

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How The War Was Won: A Retrospective on War of the Realms – Part 1

Wait, didn’t I already do this article? Oh no. That was specifically about five particularly great things about the whole of Jason Aaron’s run, this is about War of the Realms itself. Totally different thing.

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Dynamo Azaan- Protector of Hermopolis, on Kickstarter

Dynamo Azaan

From the mind of famed author Roosevelt Pitt, Jr. and award-winning artist Nate Ledesma comes a story of epic proportions.

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Sandman Roundtable: Perchance To Stream?

Kade, Thomas, Danielle, and CJ cover what Sandman means to us, what we want from a TV adaptation, and the continuing Sandman universe.

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5 Great Superhero Kisses in Comics!

Happy International Kissing Day!

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