A Brief History of British Comics: Part 1- The Farce, The Dreadful and The Sloper

Welcome to a compacted history of British comics from the 19th century to today- mostly looking at the themes that
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A History of Gaming: Spider-Man

This article was written by Peter Harte of the dynamic duo that is The Superior Comic Show and Nobody (Kade).
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Fake Feminism and Fandoms – The Disappointing but Not Surprising News of Chris Hardwick

While this news is upsetting, it isn’t surprising.
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Stay Valiant! Harbinger Wars 2 Reading List: Everything You Need to Reed Before Reading the Big Event

Valiant Comics A short reading order for Valiant Comics to get caught up to Harbinger Wars 2
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Netflix Saves The Devil- Lucifer Renewed

Netflix saves the devil- renews Lucifer for Season 4.
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#BeggingTheQuestion: What Does Ethan Van Sciver’s Departure From DC Comics Mean for the Industry and ComicsGate?

van sciver On Sunday, June 10th, after months of speculation, Ethan Van Sciver finally announced on Twitter that he has left DC Comics.
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Rollin’ Through MegaCon Orlando: A Packing Guide

It was just recently my favorite time of the year. No, not my birthday, and certainly not Christmas. It was MegaCon Orlando. MegaCon is Orlando’s biggest fan convention and is growing larger every year. This year the convention ran from Thursday, May 24–Sunday, May 27. While in past years my packing list consisted mostly of comic books I want to get signed, this year is a bit more of a challenge.
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Do You Even Duel!? Tournament #4, Round 1

Ultron Do You Even Duel Welcome to the Do You Even Duel!? Tournament #4! We have some interesting characters that were drafted this time around.
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Do You Even Duel!?- The DYECB Community Tournament Game!

do you even duel 750 Do You Even Duel!? Well do ya? Do You Even Duel!? is a Do You Even Comic Book!? community tournament game in which 8 randomly selected players
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Do You Even Duel: Tournament 3 Finals- Reed and Sue Richards vs. Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade

Do You Even Duel Here we are, after much delay at the end of Do You Even Duel Tournament 3: Couples Edition.
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