LCS Spotlight: Source Comics & Games

Source Comics and Games If you ever get up to the Twin Cities, be SURE to make your way to Source Comics & Games. Everyone there is smart, helpful, friendly, and it’s a huge store.
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INTERVIEW: Jeremy Holt- “Skip To The End”

Last month we were fortunate enough to interview Jeremy Holt, writer of indie titles such as
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INTERVIEW: Leisl Adams – “Storyboarding, Squids, and What Inspires Her Art”

Do You Even Comic Book!? sat down and spoke with Leisl Adams, an introverted blerd artist based in Canada.
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Wakanda IV Ever Special Delivery- Bryan Edward Hill

Wakanda IV Ever SD Bryan Edward Hill Sceritz and Casj talk to one of the hardest working talents in the industry, Bryan Edward Hill, who has worked on Titans, Evil Dead, Postal, Michael Cray
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INTERVIEW: Andy Clift – “The Adventures of Captain Cosmic” Kickstarter

Not long ago I was fortunate enough to interview Andy Clift, writer and artist on The Adventures of Captain Cosmic
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INTERVIEW: Anthony Scott Landingham- “The Patrons” Kickstarter

The Patrons I got the chance to sit down with Anthony Scott Landingham, lead writer of "The Patrons," the latest on Kickstarter.
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INTERVIEW: G. Willow Wilson

G. Willow Wilson is a writer who is currently writing the Hugo-Award winning series Ms. Marvel for Marvel comics. She’s written comics such as Vixen
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INTERVIEW: David F. Walker on Wakanda IV EVER

Wakanda IV Ever SD David Walker Sceritz and Tiffany talk to Power Man and Iron Fist, and Cyborg comic book writer, David F. Walker
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Interview with Ryan Penagos

A conversation with Ryan Penagos, VP & Creative Executive for Marvel New Media, about his background in comics
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INTERVIEW: Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson Feature Kelly Thompson is a writer who recently became exclusive to Marvel Comics. She has published two novels.
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