Five (and a half) Predictions for Thor: Love and Thunder!

Can you believe they’re really making a Jane!Thor movie?! Like, it’s actually happening? I’m not

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Crisis On Infinite Earths Episodes 1-3 Discussion

There were so many cameos, crossovers, and winks in the first three parts of Crisis On Infinite Earths that we had to team up to talk about it.

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DragonCon Interview: Erica Henderson

Erica Henderson Interview Featured

A late published interview from earlier this year at DragonCon 2019 with artist Erica Henderson!! Listen now on the Comics Horizon Podcast!

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FlameCon Interview: Vita Ayala

A late published interview from earlier this year at FlameCon 2019 with Vita Ayala comic book writer!

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Super Obvious

Apparently DC is struggling to make Superman ‘relevant’ to modern audiences and to my delight, my timeline was flooded with people who all had takes along the lines of ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

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Kamikaze- from Comic to Animation, Live on Kickstarter!

Kamikaze is LIVE on Kickstarter now, and only has DAYS left to meet it’s goal! Back here!

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2020 Force Works: Who, What, Where

Force Works 2020

Last week, Marvel announced that a three-issue Force Works miniseries would be part of Marvel’s Iron Man 2020 event.

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Top 10 Threats against Mutants post HoX/PoX

If you look back at the storied history of the X-Men you can’t help but

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Mine to Avenge: The Book of Layla #1-3 is NOW LIVE on Kickstarter!

Mine to Avenge Book of Layla 3 featured

Robert Jeffery has launched the Kickstarter for the third installment Mine To Avenge: The Book of Layla #3

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No More Villains?

There are, shall we say, concerns from those of us who maybe think now’s not the time to take…

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