A Brief History of British Comics: Part 7 – A Dredd-ful End

As the seventh and final part of “A Brief History of British Comics,” here’s the tale of 2000AD, aka The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic and the comic book institution of this Sceptred Isle…. and its most well-known antihero.

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Writer’s Chat- “How to Write a Great Villain”

Writer's Chat Featured Villains

The next chat is Wednesday March 13, 2018. Topic: How to Write a Great Villain

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Shazam! Zachary Levi vs. The Trolls

Zachary Levi speaks out about trolls who have been writing fake bad reviews of Captain Marvel online and claiming to support his Shazam! movie.

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Mister Miracle: Then and Now

Meet Mister Miracle! Studying the similarities and differences between the 2017 version of Mister Miracle and the original Jack Kirby comics.

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Solid Comix and the Allure of Self-Publishing

solid comix

David F. Walker is launching his own comic company, Solid Comix, where he will self-publish a variety of series and OGNs.

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Interview with David F. Walker

David F Walker Interview Feature

David F. Walker talks about his latest venture: a new, independent comic book company.

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Writer’s Chat- “How Do I Start a New Story?”

Writer's Chat New Story Featured

Once again it’s almost time for Do You Even Comic Book’s Writer’s Chat! Are you a writer? Published?

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MST3K: The Comic #1-3- “A Fresh Take on Old Favorites”

mst3k featured jonah

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Comic Book series shouldn’t exist.

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Interview: Eve L. Ewing

Eve Ewing Feature

Eve Ewing is one of Marvel’s newest writers, and she’s already hit the ground running with her debut solo

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A Primer On Captain Marvel

Before her high-flying film debut this March, here is a quick primer about Carol Danvers.

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