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You are now in the presence of The Mighty Hands of Khonshu aka The Fist of the NorCal aka Infinity Knuckles aka Vibranium Clippers aka Terrigen Haze aka Vishanti Slippers aka Latverian Lamborghini aka Adamantium Triceps aka The New Comic Book Daywalker aka Unstable Molecule aka Beats by Pym aka Foster Child of the Atom aka Triple XXX-Gene aka the Walking, Talking Red 100 Emoji. Stop putting pineapple on a pizza.

Black Panther is More Than Just a Good Movie to Me – It’s a Moment in Time.

Representation is a big part of geek culture now, and little kids all over the world are starting to see themselves
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REVIEW: Thanos #16

How nice of Donny Cates to allow Thanos to co-star in the Cosmic Ghost Rider’s series. Hmmm? Wait,
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REVIEW: Doctor Strange: Damnation #1

Everything has a price. EVERYTHING. You know why omnipotent heroes aren’t as popular? Because there are no consequences.
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REVIEW: Invincible #144 – “The End Of All Things”

Invincible, the greatest super hero comic book ever ended on February 14, 2018. No, that is not a hyperbole.
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