Author: Rosalind Mosis
I’m a thirty something British nerd-mum and wannabe author, fueled by tea, poor decision making and a need to be distracted. Cursed to watch favourite characters die and ships sink. Send help.

REVIEW: Sex Criminals #23

Not much happens, yet so much is happening. This is heartbreaking, yet uncomfortably familiar. It's difficult to read, but I mean that in the best way.
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REVIEW: Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Coronation #2

The series so far is an intriguing take on Jareth the Goblin King and the world of the Labyrinth.
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REVIEW: Ghostbusters: Answer The Call #4

Whilst this might not set the world on fire plot wise, it is fun, true to the characters and clearly building up to something pretty epic.
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REVIEW: The Mighty Thor #705

Aaron has known it was going down like this for a long time and the payoff was heartbreaking.
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REVIEW: Barbarella #4

Barbarella #4 is a visual splash of sixties rainbow garnish and slinky sexuality.
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REVIEW: She-Hulk #163

She-Hulk is back in green! After a long road from coma, trauma, and intense therapy, Jen Walters is starting over.
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REVIEW: The Mighty Thor #704

This whole issue packs so much into so little space, there's so much more I want to talk about, but
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REVIEW: Paper Girls #20

papergirls20 So, when I first heard of Paper Girls I assumed it’d be Lumberjanes via Stranger Things. Boy was I wrong.
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REVIEW: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #27

If you love bold, fun superhero antics with cool gadgets, robots and dinosaurs- pick this up immediately. 
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REVIEW: Abbott #1

Abbott #1 Review Feature Cover A horror comic? Set in the seventies? With a female protagonist? Addressing themes of social injustice? Sign me up sailor!
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