Author: Toren Chenault
"His name is Toren Chenault but he goes by Raymond X. He's currently a student attending Michigan State University from where he will graduate this spring. He loves all things nerd culture from television to comics and his favorite heroes are Daredevil, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Nighthawk, and Captain Atom. Toren is a writer as well, and his debut superhero novel, Mystic Man, will be released this year.

Review: Oblivion Song #3

Oblivion Song #3 shows Nathan learning more about the victims of this strange world
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VS #3 dives into the politics as we see the people who run this war-obsessed society
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REVIEW: Bloodshot Salvation #8 – “Book of the Dead” FINALE

Bloodshot's time in the Deadside finally comes to an end in this crazy finale issue
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Review: XO Manowar #13 -“VISIGOTH” Finale

XO Manowar #13 is the end of Aric's time on Gorin. But he's going out with a bang!
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Review: Quantum and Woody #4

Quantum and Woody head down under for some "fun" in this issue
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REVIEW: Mister Miracle #7

Mister Miracle is back in this exciting issue that takes a hospital?!
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Review: Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe #3

Bloodshot comes up with a plan in this issue of Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe
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Review: Bloodshot Salvation #7 – “Book of the Dead” Part 2

Bloodshot Salvation #7 is an innovative comic. Bloodshot continues his journey in the Deadside to save Jessie
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Review: Kino #4 – “The Record Skip”

KINO #4 Review Cover Kino #4 sees Alistair Meath coming closer to realizing the truth about his "life."
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Review: XO Manowar #12- “VISIGOTH” Part Two

XO Manowar #12 sees Aric's time on Gorin coming to a close, but not without consequences.
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