Author: Paul DePaola
Opinionated geek and writer born in the desert, raised on the beach, and now living in the mountains, Paul is a lifelong nerd who loves Star Wars, costuming, comic books, and all manner of geeky things.

REVIEW: Star Wars: The Last Jedi #1

The Resistance evacuates their hidden base and runs from an attack by the First Order.
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REVIEW: Star Wars #47

Luke, Han, and Leia kidnap an the Imperial officer to rescue the imprisoned King
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REVIEW: Darth Vader #15

Darth Vader leads a full scale invasion of Mon Cala, during his hunt for Jedi Master Barr
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REVIEW: Batwoman #14

The new leaders of The Many Arms of Death enact revenge against Batwoman, unleashing a terrible attack on Gotham
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REVIEW: All New Wolverine #33

All New Wolverine #33 takes us to the future, where Wolverine must deal with her own mortality
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REVIEW: Wonder Woman #43

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are preparing for an assault from Darkseid, as they try to save the female furies.
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REVIEW: Batwoman #13

Batwoman is on the hunt for the leader of the terrorist group who she thinks has kidnapped her sister Beth.
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REVIEW: All-New Wolverine #32

Wolverine is working with the Orphans of X to track down those responsible for sending Laura out to kill.
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REVIEW: Star Wars #44

In Star Wars #44, the Rebel Alliance tries to convince the Mon Cala ruler to join the Rebellion.
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REVIEW: The Unbelievable Gwenpool #25

Gwenpool's wild ride through the Marvel Universe has come to a close, at least for now
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