Author: Kate Sanchez
Kate is a Chicana, podcaster, pop culture scholar, and mutant. With But Why Tho? She, along with Matt, Adrian use their love and knowledge of popular culture to talk from their hearts about why the things they love matter beyond fandoms on ButWhyTho? Podcast.

ButWhyTho Episode 61: Captain America Matters

This week we talk about the Star-Spangled Man with a plan, Captain America with help from special guest Alex Paterno
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ButWhyTho Follow-Up: Matt Frank

Kate and Matt sat down with the King of Kaiju himself, comic book artist Matt Frank to talk all things Godzilla and kaiju.
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ButWhyTho Episode 57: Godzilla Matters

Godzilla is the longest running film franchise ever and over 60 years old, this giant nuclear mutated sea monster is a pop culture heavy weight.
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ButWhyTho Episode 58: Iron Man

In honor of Avengers: Infinity War coming out next month, we talk about a hero has risen from the B-list of Marvel’s roster to the foundation Marvel Cinematic Universe: Iron Man.
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ButWhyTho Episode 55: Jessica Jones Matters

In honor of Jessica Jones season 2 premiering on Netflix this week (March 8th), we talked about Jessica Jones and why a hero who has only been around since 2001 has such an impact on her readers.
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ButWhyTho: Black Panther Spoiler Review

Directed by Ryan Coogler, it proved that super-hero fatigue means nothing and good movies break records and builds out
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ButWhyTho Episode 51: Black Panther Matters

For over 50 years, the Black Panther has inspired people from the pages of Marvel, in a week,
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ButWhyTho Episode 50: Your Questions Matter

ButWhyTho Episode 50 DYCEB This week we on ButWhyTho celebrate our 50th episode by answering your questions!! In this episode you’ll learn a lot
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