Author: John Robinson IV
AKA Sceritz, AKA Ophan Black Panther. A cosmic obliterator of the IVth Wall and breaker of chains of the hordes of fandoms scattered throughout the multiverse. Architect of and Creator of

Do You Even Duel: Final Fight #2- Korra vs. America Chavez

Korra vs America Do You Even Duel We've made it to the end of #DoYouEvenDuel Tournament #2. The final combatants are Korra (@DatOneWriter) and America Chavez (@GabeGeekzales).
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REVIEW: Domino #1-“Dumb Luck”

A comic series written by Gail Simone. Wow. I was elated to hear this news back in January, but now with the comic
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INTERVIEW: G. Willow Wilson

G. Willow Wilson is a writer who is currently writing the Hugo-Award winning series Ms. Marvel for Marvel comics. She’s written comics such as Vixen
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Support the “Wash Day” Comic by Jamila Rowser on Kickstarter!

Wash Day Featured Image Wash Day is a slice-of-life comic that pays tribute to the beauty and endurance of black women and their hair.
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REVIEW: Ready Player One

Ready Player One Review Featured Very pleasantly surprised. It’s the best way for me to describe how I felt after seeing Ready Player One in the theater.
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The Return of the Fantastic Four, What Does this Mean for Movie Future?

With a staggering, anticipatory countdown, this morning, Marvel announced news of a new Fantastic Four series
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Do You Even Duel: Final Fight #1- Karnak vs. Midnighter

Karnak vs Midnighter Do You Even Duel In our first #DoYouEvenDuel tournament our final contenders are Karnak (@Kaiju66) and Midnighter (@Mvitti417). Read the short narrative
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INTERVIEW: David F. Walker on Wakanda IV EVER

Wakanda IV Ever SD David Walker Sceritz and Tiffany talk to Power Man and Iron Fist, and Cyborg comic book writer, David F. Walker
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Do You Even Comic Book Club 2018.03.23- “Saga Vol. 2”

This session's Do You Even Comic Book Club will be continuing the read through of one of the best comic runs
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Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War Trailer, Quickfire Breakdown and Analysis

The new Infinity War Trailer dropped just over an hour ago and here is my quickfire breakdown and analysis!
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