About Us


Sceritz DYECB

Editor in Chief

John Robinson IV

The Architech. AKA Sceritz. A cosmic obliterator of the IVth Wall and breaker of chains of the hordes of fandoms scattered throughout the multiverse. Architect of DoYouEvenComicBook.com and Creator of IVWall.net.

Secra (2)

TV/Movie Coordinator

Carolyn Breton

In addition to being a die-hard Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fan, Carolyn loves the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999).  When not engrossed in the MCU, Carolyn can be found binging old school wrestling and living on Twitter.  She subscribes to the philosophy “Music is life”.


Editor Supreme

Joe Fru

Joe is DYECB's resident Sorcerer Supreme of Editing. He started reading comics in the 80s. He works as a freelance editor and ghostwriter; before that, he was an English Professor for 15 years. See jfruscione.wordpress.com to learn more.


Senior Editor

Lori Hyrup

In addition to being a geek, a lifelong superhero enthusiast, and an editor for the family, Lori is also a professional video game designer, university instructor, writer, and voice actor.