About Us

Mission Statement

The “Do You Even Comic Book!?” community is a vast and expeditiously expanding group of individuals that love comic books. Our purpose? To let individuals, know that if they love comic books, then that is the only prerequisite for “even comic booking.”

Established with a council of six, the community seeks to create a safe space for celebration of comics that involves lovers of all different types of comics from all different walks of life. Through interactive efforts like the  Do You Even Comic Book Club, and discussion centered around #CharacterFocus’s or pitting our favorite characters against each other in our “Do You Even Duel!?” tournaments, we have fashioned a means to talk about the things we love without feeling like we have to be qualified to do so.

With the power of raw irony, we take the toxic demeaning nature of “Do You Even?” and transform it into something that we can all use in jest and unpretentious nature, with the knowing that “Yes, I love comics, and simply by that alone, I comic book.”

We love the community and expel only those that wish to create discord among it with toxic attitudes, falsehoods, and bullying attitudes. If you aren’t any of those things, then you are welcome. Join the community. Come comic book with us. We want you.

Meet the Council

Ever wonder just how the Do You Even Comic Book family came about? It started with just a few fanatical fans that loved to talk about comic books and decided to organize a community around the idea of inclusion of all people and a passion for the fandom.

Sceritz DYECB

John Robinson IV

AKA Sceritz, AKA Ophan Black Panther. A cosmic obliterator of the IVth Wall and breaker of chains of the hordes of fandoms scattered throughout the multiverse. Architect of DoYouEvenComicBook.com and Creator of IVWall.net.


Kevin Veldman

Kevin Veldman is the host of The ComicNoobs Podcast. He's hopelessly addicted to coffee, Twitter, and sarcasm. His views do not reflect those of DYECB or any reasonable human being. Please direct all complaints to the dude who runs the "@DrunkComicsFans" account.


Corey Pruitt

The Fist of Khonshu aka Adamantium Knuckles aka Vibranium Clippers aka Terrigen Molecules aka Vishanti Slippers aka Latverian Saxophone aka Infinity Biceps aka Unstable Chromosomes aka Beats by Pym. Stop putting pineapple on a pizza.

Jolly DYECB Council

Becky Cook

Becky loves good stories and good alcohol. She's willing to die on many pointless hills including: Oxford Comma Hill, Pineapple on Pizza Hill, and Jedi are Space Wizards Hill. Conan Red and Sonja were her first loves but she has happily dived to the wider world of comics.


Damien Williams

 The one known to many as Phonytoast's (or just Toast) fascination with  comics began with Marvel’s Fantastic Four and the coming of Galactus. Toast’s love for a good story is transcendent, If you were to ask him DoYouEvenComicBook, the answer will always be yes.


Dexter Buschetelli

Dexter Buschetelli thinks he is really clever, but you know better, don’t you? Do you? I dunno, I’m not your mom. Dexter can be found here on DYECB writing reviews and opinion pieces as well as website for his podcast: Let's Get Drunk and Talk About Comics