Wolverine #1 / Writer: Benjamin Percy / Artist: Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic / Color Artist: Frank Martin / Design: Tom Muller / Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit / Cover Artist: Adam Kubert & Frank Martin / Publisher: Marvel Comics / Published: February 19, 2020

Wolverine #1 DX

            Giant-Size X-Man

Wolverine is back and bigger than ever in two epic stories of Marvelous proportions. Benjamin Percy (Green Arrow and X-Force), Adam Kubert (Ultimate X-Men), and Viktor Bogdanovic (New Super-Man) herald the return of Logan as Wolverine in his own title after six years absence.  These veteran storytellers establish the new Wolverine in two stories as one of Krakoa’s foremost protectors. One where he does his X-Force super spy thing and another where he fights vampires. Both are fun tales with a lot of growth potential that will hopefully be the beginning of a new era of amazing Wolverine adventures to come.

            The Spy Adventure

The first story, with gritty Adam Kubert aesthetic, introduces the Karkoan Wolverine who is, despite everything, happy. Which means bad guys have to ruin that happiness. and Kate tells him about how some of their miracle drugs are missing. On the other side of the story there’s CIA Agent Bannister who’s investigating a new drug on the streets called Pollen. All of this seems to be the fault of someone called the Pale Lady. It’s a mystery, drawn in intimate Kubert style detail, but with room to grow. X-Force is the CIA of Krakoa and there are more than a few similarities between Wolverine and Agent Bannister’s personality that can only lead to some cool developments.

            Fighting Vampires

The next story, with gorgeous Viktor Bogdanovic stylings, begins with Omega Red seeking sanctuary in Krakoa only to get the popped claw response from Logan. This leads to a fight with vampires in Paris. That leaves a lot of mystery to solve and another tale of intrigue that’s different, but just as fun as the first. Though just like the first, this issue focuses on the idea of Wolverine as a protector of Krakoa.

            Marvelous Return

Both stories remind this reviewer of classic Marvel Comics Presents tales of Wolverine exploring on his own and the excitement of everybody’s favorite claw popper returning to the 616. Percy introduces colorful new characters like Agent Bannister in the spy story and Loiuse the Vampire Hunter in the second tale. All the while expertly weaving allies Jean, X-Force, and Kate into Logan’s world as they should be, and enemies like Magneto (who’s technically an ally) Omega Red, and Dracula. This series is a must-read for old and new fans and catches the aesthetic of Wolverine in then best way since Tom Taylor’s All-New Wolverine series.

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5

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