On The Stump #1 / Writer: Chuck Brown / Artist: Prenzy /  Prodiuction & Design: Ryan Brewer / Letterer: Clayton Cowles / Cover Artist: Prenzy / Publisher: Image Comics / Published: February 19, 2020

On The Stump #1 Cover

            Volatile Politics

In a time of tension-filled politics and mistrust in the world, it would be kind of nice to see one Senator punch the crap out of another to get a law passed, and that’s exactly what Chuck Brown (Bitter Root and The Quiet Kind) and Prenzy (Mars: Space Barbarian) show us in the political landscape of their new series On The Stump. In a world where the law literally goes the way of the best fighter, this issue begins the story of Senator Jack Hammer after he wins a fight for the first time in a long time. This win, much like an actual passing or veto of a vote in the Senate, has consequences. Especially since Senator Jack Hammer was supposed to throw the fight.

            Real Life Heels

This story is like All the President’s Men meets Friday Night RAW. Though the Stump, unlike professional wrestling, seems to be a no holds barred fighting arena with boxing, wrestling, martial arts, and all other physical strength going into the fights, but the issue seems to carry a lot of inspiration from professional wrestling. In that, the Heels are the colorful monologuing bad guys, more obvious and blunt than your normal crooked politicians, but the comparisons are still applicable. Here there are similar villains and the heroes, like Faces to use another wrestling term, fighting against them.

            Metaphor Within a Metaphor

People often treat political parties and beliefs as sports teams this story truly speaks to the idea that not only can the good people fight back, but they can win, Each day it feels like the world is leaning more and more one way or another; teetering on the edge of justice and law. This first issue seems like the epic start to a tale of political intrigue with closed fists and colorful villains. In the end, this is a fresh and fun take on what comic books can and should be worth reading!

Verdict 5 out of 5

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