REVIEW: Valkyrie: Jane Foster #7

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #8 / Writer: Torunn Grønbekk & Jason Aaron / Artist: CAFU / Colorist: Jesus Aburtov / Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino / Marvel / Release Date: 2/17/2020

It’s a good time to be a Jane Foster fan.

I cannot express how much I adore this issue and this particular arc… and yet I will try to anyway.

New Artist

For Strange Aeons, Pere Pérez is tackling art duties and for my money, he’s a great choice. He bridges the gap between a classic superhero comic and the esoteric weirdness that Strange Aeons ( “That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.” ). It’s expressive, deftly handling the very emotional aspects of this story, going places I was hoping it would ever since the start of this series whilst also not skimping on action.

It’s a shame we can’t have him around a little longer, but then again- Cafu is a revelation unto himself and I can’t wait to see him working with the new writer on the series alongside Aaron. Not to mention Pérez is also going to be the artist on the new Spider-Woman book, so I reckon we’ll be seeing more of him around.

Colours by Jesus Aburtov are marvelous adding to Death’s dark, sprawling realm- making the streaks, spots, and splashes of colour really pop. Even if one of those colours depicts one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen in comics. And that’s saying a lot. Especially in a Jason Aaron book.

Ewing and Aaron strike again!

Speaking of Aaron… God damn. He continues to be the best thing that’s happened to Jane Foster. I wish I could spoil it, but… I won’t. Al Ewing seemingly providing some of the links to other series (indirectly with the new X-Men books and directly with Immortal Hulk) as well as a much appreciated mini celebration of the NHS.

If you know anything about the wheelie bin fire that is British politics right now, some high fiving for the NHS is appreciated.

(On an unrelated note- more Excalibur please!)

I was hoping to see more of the ‘Mighty Medics’ and since there are only two issues of this story maybe the ending- as emotional, gut-wrenching and brilliant as it is- feels a bit rushed. I would’ve appreciated one more issue- or even a whole series in the future- based around superhero type medical emergencies (which is sort of what’s happening in Surgeon Supreme to be fair). If this is any indicator, it’s got a lot of potential! I wanted a little bit more Grey’s Anatomy with superheroes!

On the other hand, again, if my main complaint is ‘Hey, I wanted more of this!’ then that’s hardly a real complaint, is it? More of ‘praising with faint damnation’.

Please buy this comic I am literally begging you

This issue, and this series so far, was so good it pretty much blew my mind and I’m begging the comic book-buying public to go pick this series. Especially now that Torunn Grønbekk is taking over from Al Ewing for the next issue, which is so exciting I may just explode. The previews alone are exactly what I want and, whilst it feels like taking the piss at this point given just how much Jane has had lately- I would like more of it, please.

Verdict: 5 out of 5

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