THOR #1 / Writer: Donny Cates / Artist: Nic Klein  / Color Artist: Matthew Wilson / Letterer & Designer: VC’s Joe Sabino / Cover Artist: Oliver Coipel & Laura Martin / Publisher: Marvel Comics / Published: January 1, 2020

            A Very Good Shot

This issue starts off with Thor throwing Mjolnir from the Bifrost and through the ten realms connected by the world tree to take out a monster fighting the Avengers all to show off in front of Lady Sif. From there, we get a gorgeous understanding of this mythological character and where he’s headed. To take that as a metaphor for how this first issue, it is an absolutely stunning shot at a character that millions of people know and love that forebodes good omens on the comic book horizon.


Donny Cates (Venom and Guardians of the Galaxy) and Nic Klein (Deadpool) have come together to tell a Thor story after the character and decade-defining Jason Aaron run which ended with Thor as the new one-armed, one-eyed, All-Father of Asgard. One might wonder, what else is there to tell after that? The beginning of the issue gives us the impression of not much, only to have a now-classic Donny Cates spin into his own brand of Jack Kirby like cosmic insanity. This story goes from a thunder god turned All-Father trying to figure out how to be that to him being thrusts into what will surely be an epic journey as Galactus’ new Herald of Thunder! In an epic new suit to match that fully shows Klein’s artistic talents.

            Pitch Perfect Tone and Art

Cates and Klein beautifully capture both sides of Thor in this first issue, both in story and art. Together they weave a new Asgard with not just a new All-Father but also Lady Sif taking over Heimdall’s job at the Bifrost. Volstagg and other beloved Asgardians in their own new positions under King Thor, and of course a clever yet poignant moment with Loki. All great Thor stuff fans should expect in a Thor comic as they’re used to from Aaron’s run. Then, Galactus collapses half-dead on top of it all to give us the catalyst to the story. Showing this issue was simply prologue to the space adventure surely to ensue.

Verdict: 5 out of 5

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