REVIEW: Batwoman S1E10 – “How Queer Everything Is Today”

Batwoman s1e10 Kate and Alice

Batwoman s1e10 “How Queer Everything Is Today”
Directed by: Jeffrey Hunt
Written by: Caroline Dries

The Crisis has ended and only a few are aware of the events that transpired, life in Gotham City has mostly returned to normal. Well, normal for Gotham City at least. Batwoman has returned to work protecting the city from a hacker who is threatening to blackmail everyone in Gotham City.

The hacker, who calls themselves the Terrier (I guess they must be running out of supervillain names), overrides the computer-controlled brakes on a commuter train and then demands $5 million or they will dox the entire city. Batwoman saves the train in time, but the Terrier’s skill has Batwoman and Luke on edge, afraid that the hacker will reveal Batwoman’s secret identity. Luke shuts down the comms and Kate has to go it alone while dealing with Alice and trying to uncover who the hacker is.

Batwoman s1e10 Kate and Luke

Kate struggles with her identity in “How Queer Everything Is Today.” The media starts to ship Batwoman and a Gotham city police officer after he helped save her. The show has a good meta-joke about the cop looking like Captain America and even references Chis Evans. Kate feels like she is betraying her true self, while Luke says this is a great misdirection to keep her secret identity safe.

Identity, representation, and being true to your self comes up when Batwoman is confronting the Terrier. The Terrier is actually a girl at Gotham Prep, Parker Torres, ostracized from her family for being a lesbian. She was outed by her ex to her family. Parker telling Batwoman that the best she can hope for in life is to see herself as a side character on a TV show says a lot about representation in the current media. Kate decides to out herself to save Parker’s life when Alice shows up. Later, Kate outs Batwoman as a lesbian to Gotham City. Even though it means being one step closer to revealing her secret identity, this was an important step for Kate and Batwoman.

The characters are all struggling to find themselves and it’s not just because of the post-Crisis world they now live in. Kate is struggling to understand herself as a Paragon of Courage and everything she learned during Crisis. Alice wants Kate to join her in her mad life and for them to be reunited as sisters even as it puts a strain on her relationship with Mouse. Jacob and Mary are trying to work to prove Jacob’s innocence but their only lead is the crazy idea of a man with a false face that no one will believe. Sophie’s marriage has fallen apart and she is trying to find herself and who she truly is. Parker is desperate to escape her family that is ashamed of her sexuality.

Batwoman s1e10 Kate Kane

“How Queer Everything Is Today” doesn’t have much Crisis clean up to do. Crisis is only mentioned primarily in one scene and it looks like life in Gotham City is much the same as it was previously except for one thing. Kate’s sister Beth is alive and not the psychopathic gang leader Alice. It’s not yet clear if this is part of Alice’s evil plans or if this is a side effect of Crisis, but she appears in the final scene, alive and well, normal skin and hair saying she was home from a semester abroad. What this means for the future is unclear, but the stakes have dramatically changed for Kate and Batwoman.

“How Queer Everything Is Today” returns us to Gotham City and Batwoman’s adventures well enough. I liked the talk of identity and representation. However, I don’t think the episode did anything spectacular beyond that. An enjoyable episode that sets the stage for much more to come.

VERDICT 3.5 out of 5

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