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Atlantis Attacks #1 / Writer: Greg Pak / Artist: Ario Anindito / Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg / Publisher: Marvel Comics, Publish Date: January 22, 2020.

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Pan’s Protector

The portal city of Pan is being protected by The Agents of Atlas. It’s leader, Brawn, has had to choose the worse of two evils to protect as many beings are possible, but what will be the price of this choice. His team is young and doing their best, their leader has disappeared, and now it seems Namor has caught wind of the compromise being made. As the King of the sea, he is angry and heads to Pan to resolve his anger. Can Brawn reason with Namor? Can the other Agents keep everyone safe, while backing Brawn? How will the team prepare as Atlantis attacks?

Agents of Atlas to Atlantis Attacks

As always, Greg Pak creates a fantastic story for our Agents of Atlas, but this time we also get to see how the great Namor matches up to this team. Pak also gives us insight into what makes Namor tic. Is he a hero, is he an angry fly of the handle ruler, or is he another individual trying to make the best decision possible for his people? We see all sides of the character and realize that he has depth, steeped in exhaustion and frustration. We also see how the heavy decisions weigh on Brawn and those who support him.

Pak’s story is also dynamic in the way it uses each member of the team to show their strengths. Wave was especially fun to read in this issue. Since she is a new character, we only have a little background on her and her abilities, so seeing more of her is always a bonus. Atlantis Attacks is also a title that provokes certain emotions and Pak does a good job of grabbing the reader, then taking them in other emotional directions. Although, it does feel that Namor is a bit too easily placated, even if it is temporary. That being said, the action of the story is engaging and tense.

Atlantis Attacks panel

Beautiful Fighting

The art by Ario Anindito supports the story well, while keeping old characters true to their form and new characters interesting. Namor wouldn’t be Namor without that bare chest and abs after all, and Anindito draws them well. The real strength of the art in Atlantis Attacks is the action of the fights and conflicts. The initial attack on Brawn by Namor is a beautiful one-page depiction of a body slam by two enhanced beings and the cloud of terror that follows. The touch of this impact sending Silk into the air was also appreciated. When the fight continues in the water later another brilliant page size panel is produced. The art is well thought out, larger than life, and exciting.

Atlantis Attacks panel 2

Polarity of Color

Rachelle Rosenberg is becoming one of my favorite colorist in comics. She continuously makes color tell a story on its own and that is no different in Atlantis Attacks. The cool of blues and greens of water and our characters is prominent against purple and red tones of the sky, uniforms, and destruction. The limited pallet creates a world on its own, even if other shades appear. The effect is like a violent sunset over a freezing tundra, giving the reader a sense of polarity in the story and the conflict of its fighters. I also must point out that the relationship between Anindito and Rosenberg makes for some fantastic pages, especially when showing the full teams of the Agents of Atlas.

Overall, More Namor Interactions Please

Overall, Atlantis Attacks was great. I just wish it was a little longer and more characters interacted with Namor. Since this is the first book in the series, I hope that this was left out as it’ll be addressed in the future. After all, it’s hard to write multiple characters, but adding recently created characters, on top of very old characters, must be borderline impossible to have everyone interact and be featured. I wonder as the team expands and Namor’s army increases how Pak will navigate this issue. Regardless, this is already a very exciting new comic, by an equally as exciting team, and I’ve already subscribed.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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