Top 10 Threats against Mutants post HoX/PoX

If you look back at the storied history of the X-Men you can’t help but notice that the majority of the villains they have to fight are mutants. Magneto, Apocalypse, Exodus, Mystique, the list goes on. With House of X and Powers of X having wrapped and the Dawn of X beginning, we see the landscaped has changed and those who were once enemies are now allies. With this, the number of threats has dropped drastically as most of the X-Men’s main antagonists are mutants. Now that mutants are unified who will be the new big bad? I have dug through and found 10 foils for the Children of the Atom. 

10) Arcade

Arcade has been a thorn in the X-Men’s for a long time. He gets his enjoyment watching heroes struggle to survive in his patented Murderworld. His last big endeavor had him teaming with Kraven the Hunter as he led a hunt of the animal-themed villains and of their heroic foil Spider-Man throughout Central Park. He has shown that his technological prowess is something to be feared. Arcade is a problem because his motivation is not the extinction of the mutant race or world domination he does it for fame. 

9) Mojo

Much like Arcade, Mojo is not in it for world domination or extinction Mojo is in it for the ratings. He is the ultimate fanboy of the X-Men he loves their lore but more than that he loves the drama, action, and ratings that they give me for his interdimensional TV show. Mojo monitors the X-Men often strikes when they least expect it. With the mutants all on one island, he could have a rating goldmine.

8) The Purifiers 

Led by the religious zealot William Stryker the Purifiers are the worst kind of racist, the militant kind. Their hatred for all things mutant is fueled by misguided teachings of Stryker. The X-Men have seen in the past that The Purifiers will do whatever it takes to eradicate the mutant populace from the planet. Though Stryker is dead, for now, the Purifiers believe that their mission is just, pure and blessed by God and they will do anything to complete it. 

7) Kade Kilgore

Rich, privileged, intelligent, Kade Kilgore was the youngest Black King in the Hellfire Club. This sociopath will do whatever it takes to get whatever he wants. He and his Hellfire Club were constant pains in the X-Men’s side during Wolverine’s tenure as headmaster. Kilgore and his human-centric Hellfire Club are a bunch of crazy teenagers who had no regard for life of any kind. Kade has money, tech and time to kill to plot moves against the mutants. 

6) Human Council

Donald Pierce, Leper Queen, Cameron Hodge, Graydon Creed, and others formed the Human Council to wipe out the mutants after M-Day. Separate these leaders and their organizations are formidable but together they were almost unstoppable. With tech, fanaticism, money, and influence at their disposal, the Human Council would be able to sway world leaders into attacking the Mutants. Of course, they would need their leader…

5) Bastion

I gave Bastion his own spot on the list because he needs it. He is the X-Men’s worst fear come to life, a Nimrod Sentinel. With the Human Council or without it he is a formidable thorn in the side of the X-Men. Bastion is so dedicated to the extinction of mutants that he at one point was protecting them waiting for them to flourish so he could wipe them all out at once. He is especially dangerous because of the Nimrod tech he is created from and judging from what we have read in HoX/PoX Nimrod level sentinel tech is a bad thing for the X-Men. 

Hailing from the Days of Future Past timeline Ahab is the mutant hunter who uses mutants as “Hounds” to hunt mutants. Another human that uses cybernetics to enhance themselves Ahab is a cunning and deadly foe. He hunts without remorse and without relent. Although he was last seen dead we know that in the comic book world dead only works for Uncle Ben. I’m sure that in no time we will see Ahab hunt his white whale of mutants once again.

3) Shadow King

Shadow King is as close to an arch-nemesis as Charles Xavier can possibly get. Quite possibly the most powerful telepath in existence, Shadow King lives in the astral plane and is always looking for the next strike against Xavier. With the Krakoan nation being established Shadow King has plenty of puppets to use against the Professor all who are in very close proximity. With his ability to control even the strongest of minds and never truly dying it will only be a matter of time when he strikes.

2) The Avengers

This rematch has been a long time coming and seeds have already been planted by writer Jonathan Hickman. For some reason, the Avengers never take too kindly to the mutants standing up to them and the X-Men have always played second fiddle. With the establishment of Krakoa, something will happen that will force T’Challa and Captain America to rally an Avengers team to either “stop” the mutants or to invade Krakoa. Sprinkle some Wanda Maximoff into this situation and the powder keg is bound to go off. However, this time its not just the X-Men fighting but every mutant on the planet. Will the Avengers reinitiate Avengers World? Will the X-Men have enough field combatants ready? We will soon find out. 

1) Orchis

This mysterious organization combined of ex Hydra, SHIELD, STRIKE, SWORD, HAMMER, Alpha Flight and AIM agents have one purpose, stop the mass mutant population growth. It takes a huge amount of hate for agents of these various organizations to band together. They started out strong too, taking over Stark’s Sol’s Hammer to create a Mother Mold which can potentially pump out Nimrod class Sentinels. Even though a strike force of X-Men consisting of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Wolverine, M, Archangel, Husk, and Nightcrawler stopped this Mother Mold it came at the cost of their lives. Orchis, for the foreseeable future, will be the mutants big bad. Who knows maybe they will use the others from the list to do their bidding? Only time will tell. 

With Dawn of X in full swing, only time will tell if my list pans out. I am hoping we get some real wildcards in the future but those are my thoughts I want to know yours. Hit the comment section and let me know.

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