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FAR SECTOR #1 / Writer: N.K. Jemisin / Artist: Jamal Campbell / Letters: Deron Bennett / Publisher: DC Comics, Young Animal / Published Date: November 13, 2019

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Green Lantern In The Far Sector

Lantern Sojourner “Jo” Mullein is a rookie assigned to The City Enduring, one of the furthest communities of the guardian’s reach. A technologically advanced, city-like planetoid, it was formed from the rubble of three planets destroyed by war. The three races of The City Enduring have given themselves something to block their emotions so they can live peacefully. The leaders felt something brewing and called the Green Lanterns to send someone. Since Lantern Mullein has arrived there has been a murder, the first in 500 years. The murderer has been caught, but why did this happen after so long? What secrets are they keeping out here in Far Sector?

Powerful Science Fiction

DC was smart to hire talented Sci-Fi writer N.K. Jemisin for this new Green Lantern story. Her setup and understanding of world creation in a scientifically advanced culture is clear in Far Sector. Although one can feel jarred and confused about what is happening in the beginning , the story and character unfold over the course of the book. The concept of how this “city” came to be is refreshing, as is the idea of suppressing emotions. Jemisin shows the good side of what happens when we reign in emotions, but it seems this tactic also takes a dark turn.

Sass With A Side of Judgement

The main character of Lantern Mullein is also an enigma. We are given some back story about her rookie status and get to know her sassy side, but I ultimately feel something is missing. Why does she seem jaded and frustrated with everything here? Why was she sent to Far Sector? Her attitude is bad from the start, which makes for some fun remarks on the planet’s aristocracy but also feels a bit unwarranted. She seems to have entered a culture that is not hers and is judging them. Why? There seems to be more to this story that Jemisin is holding close to her chest for this first issue. It is nice to see a character who demands respect for herself regardless of who is addressing her.

Far Sector Panel 1

Futuristic Art

Jamal Campbell’s art is especially strong in this book. If you enjoy the art in recent title Naomi, you will really love this book. As Campbell is both the artist and colorist, we see a cohesiveness through the panels. His arrangement of these panels are interesting and varied so that the reader feels the futuristic intention. He is especially good with translucent materials, from Lantern Mullein’s glasses, to her light construct chairs, to the holograms of the murder. The Trilogy of leaders are also well fleshed out and appealing to the eye, with a hint of malice living under each. One literally has his teeth below his jacket line, which we see on the murderer later.

Colored Texture

The colors are beautiful, dark, and vary based on tone of story. The book begins with a rain-splattered, full-page piece that feels like a warning to those entering this world. The view then shifts to our hero in a solid green poncho that seems translucent. This color and texture shift shows the gritty world of reality versus the technology-induced calm this world tries to display. Campbell’s futuristic city is the foundation of Far Sector, and readers will enjoy the evolution on each page.

Far Sector Panel 2

Overall, there are many questions that need to be fleshed out in Far Sector. There is much potential in this Green Lantern, but readers will want to know why this character seems so unenthused and terse. The art in this book is literally out of this world. The green is not overused but mixed into the book in smart and impactful ways. Whether you are a diehard Green Lantern fan or new to the concept, you will understand their purpose for justice and uncovering the truth. It’ll be interesting to see where this sci-fi book goes.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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