REVIEW: Batwoman s1e4 “Who Are You”

Batwoman s1e4 Kate Kane Who Are You

Kate Kane is not adjusting to her new life as Batwoman very well. She is struggling with her hero/life balance. To make matters worse, a string of major jewelry robberies have occurred. Magpie is after all the shiny jewels in Gotham City.

Batwoman is struggling to gain Gotham City’s trust, and Kate is struggling in her role as a superhero. For every major win she scores, something else seems to set her back. She asks several times how Bruce Wayne managed the balance between a normal life and his life as Batman. I liked the parallels drawn between Batwoman and Batman. She is not trying to copy what he did. She is using him as an example to follow, but Kate handles each situation in her own unique way.

“Who Are You” narrows the story threads over last week’s “Down Down Down.” Alice doesn’t get much screen time this week, but it seems Batwoman is not the only person she is fighting in Gotham City. Alice also has a vendetta against her stepmother Catherine. Hamilton Industries, Catherine’s company, has a number of secrets that point back to Alice. I’m wondering how much of a connection the two of them have and how much it has to do with Beth’s disappearance and transformation into the evil Alice.

Batwoman s1e4 Who Are You Kate Kane Sophie

Kate is trying to live her life the way a wealthy socialite would. Things are going good between her and Reagan, except for Kate’s weird hours and questionable excuses. Every time Kate tries to have a moment alone with Reagan, it’s interrupted by Batwoman’s world. I appreciate that they did not have Kate give up her secret identity to someone this early. Reagan must’ve really liked Kate to put up with all of Kate’s terrible lies and cover stories for as long as she did. Kate’s struggle to maintain a normal life and ultimately to understand the sacrifices she must make by donning the cape and cowl feel very real. We’ve all been in the position of having to choose between what we want and what is right.

“Who Are You” opens with a talented thief stealing a precious jewel, and for the briefest of moments I thought they were giving us Catwoman, which would have drastically changed things. Magpie is an interesting foil for our hero. Unfortunately, she only gets a handful of scenes before being captured, so we don’t get to spend much time with her. I hope we haven’t seen the last of Magpie, because here she is less of a villain and more of an obstacle for Batwoman to overcome, a stepping stone on Batwoman’s path to being a hero.

Batwoman s1e4 Who Are You Magpie

By the end, we see Kate is beginning to understand the sacrifices that must be made so that she can protect the people of Gotham City and be that hero the city needs. “Who Are You” balanced the heroic, heart, and humor in the way we have come to expect from CW shows.

The producers announced that as of this episode, the Batwoman timeline has caught up with the Elseworlds crossover from last year. Helpful information for those like myself who like to keep up with timelines and how these stories line up to one another.

VERDICT 4 out of 5

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