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Future Fight Firsts: Crescent & Io #1 / Writer: Alyssa Wong / Artists: Jon Lam, Ale Garza, & Cory Hamscher / Colorists: Paris Alleyne & Dono Sanchez-Almara with Photobunker / Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino / Cover Artist: Inhyuk Lee / Publisher: Marvel Comics / Publish Date: November 6, 2019

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Crescent & Io Bond

In the last of these Future Fight Firsts comics we meet Dan Bi, known as Crescent. The Future Avengers story also seems to be tied up in the second half of this book. For the main story we see how this 10-year-old girl became a hero and how she bonded with Io, her guardian spirit bear. Dan Bi, already a taekwondo prodigy, lives alone with her father when he disappears leaving her to fend for her life. She by chance stumbles upon a mask, that when put on activates Io to help her fight. Through this series of events we see how they came to be Crescent & Io, Agents of Atlas.

New Family Found

Alyssa Wong yet again gives the reader great insight into these Future Fight characters. Dan Bi is a little girl, but she is also brave, intelligent, strong, talented, and fierce. Wong shows the character’s age without condescension and helps prove to us, as well as to Mr. Lao, why Jimmy Woo felt he should be an Agent of Atlas. This story has heart and achieves many layers of events through inner thought, flashbacks, and action sequences. Also, who wouldn’t want a giant fluffy spirit bear to be your guardian!?

The message in both the Crescent & Io section and the Future Avengers sections is that family is not only blood, but who cares for you in life. Wong’s message is clear and beautiful as we find that Jimmy Woo hoped Agents of Atlas members would feel that they have found their new family. Seeing all of them, including Io, eating together makes the reader feel not only is Dan Bi being taken care of, but they are all taking care of each other. Although, I would have liked some explanation on why Io is able to be there without Dan Bi wearing the mask.

Crescent & Io panel

Crescent & Io Art

Jon Lam’s art in the Crescent & Io story is well constructed. He made the character accessible and adorable. As Wong does with the writing, we see she is still a kid, but also a strong fighter. Lam’s panel of her hugging her stuffed bear is a nice juxtaposition against her training sequence. Paris Alleyne’s colors are bright and eye catching. The use of purples and oranges to signify danger is effective, especially when the bright light blue bear appears to shed some light in the dark situation.

Future Avengers

In the Future Avengers section, Wong continues her introduction to these characters by focusing on the “bad boy” of the group Bruno. In other issues, Bruno is a sullen jerk who stayed with Hydra instead of going with his friends. Here he seems the same unlikable character until the last page where he does a complete change due to friendship. This seems a bit kneejerk and with very little explanation to the fact he left Hydra too. It was odd to mention on the last page since it was a point of contention in other issues. These stories just felt like filler to make a larger book and this one was no exception.

Crescent & Io panel  2

Ale Garza and Cory Hamscher support the story and create some cool looking training sessions for Bruno. The winged costume is interesting and makes him look very heroic. They also manage to make the other characters feel little or immature by comparison to Bruno’s stoic posture and grimaced face. The colors by Dono Sanchez-Almara with Photobunker give this anime style art some pop, while accentuating the pain Bruno’s shoulder is in. The sepia tone of the flashback was also a nice addition.

More Individual Runs Please

Overall, this last issue was a success. The gorgeous cover by Inhyok Lee really draws you in. As before, I could have done without the second story, but at least this time I felt that Crescent & Io’s story was not cut short. I enjoyed getting to know Dan Bi and seeing the family nature of all the agents. It’s too bad these Future Fight characters don’t have their own full runs as Wong has done a superb job of fleshing out the characters. I will look forward to seeing them in the Agents of Atlas run and hopefully Marvel will add them to other books as well.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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