REVIEW: Savage Avengers #6

 SAVAGE AVENGERS #6 / Writer: Gerry Duggan / Artist: Kim Jacinto / Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain / Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham / Cover Artist: David Finch & Frank D’Armata / Publisher: Marvel Comics / Published: October 2. 2019


The finale of the previous arc saw an evil sorcerer bring together the savage team of Elektra, Wolverine, Doctor Voodoo, Venom, the Punisher, and savage sword himself Conan the Barbarian to summon a death god only for them to turn on the evil sorcerer. Hey, that’s what happens when a bad guy tries to manipulate good guys, i.e. Loki bringing together the Avengers, which is a cool homage if done on purpose.

Forget all that for a sec and focus on Gerry Duggan (Infinity Countdown, Deadpool, Batman: Arkham Manor) and Kim Jacinto (Champions, Sentry) for their bittersweet bromance story between Punisher and Conan. See, part of the last story was how the evil sorcerer stole Frank’s dead family to do evil, which for classic Punisher fans tells the reader that this sorceror is going to get his somewhere down the road. For now, Frank just wants to get his family back to their graves, and Conan is helping him.

Love and Lost

This story follows a journey through the Savage Land and Alaska, but also a journey of discovery. As they travel, Conan learns more about this new universe he’s landed in, while Punisher reflects on his own purpose in life upon meeting the last Cimmerian. They go through a lot of cool scenes like Punisher and Conan in cool Viking clothes, Conan using a machine gun with his own unique flair, drinking on a ship’s bar, and Conan stealing a horse. Jacinto’s art really sells the story in gorgeous visuals, including dinosaurs, wolves, penguins, and of course our savage heroes.

Not Quite an Ending

I was worried this was a goodbye issue given its parting feel, but the book ends with the reveal that people are still keeping tabs on the savage heroes, and by people I mean Dr. Doom! So, we hopefully have more adventures and sidequests in the future. Maybe Conan will have a one-off issue with every team member before the run’s complete – I’d love one with him and Wolverine. That said, this is a fun book worth a read.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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