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Future Fight Firsts: Luna Snow #1 / Writer: Alyssa Wong / Artists: Gang Hyuk Lim, Ale Garza, & Cory Hamscher/ Colorist: Dono Sanchez-Almara / Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino / Publisher: Marvel Comics / Published Date: October 23, 2019

Luna Snow Cover

Introducing Luna Snow

As the Future Fight Firsts character origin stories continue, we meet Seol Hee. The issues begins with Jimmy Woo, leader of the Agents of Atlas humming a tune that Luna Snow made popular. Although she is an Agent of Atlas, she is also a famous pop star. Mr. Lao, a dragon adviser to Atlas, asks how she can commit to be an agent.

Jimmy tells the story of her first concert. She was in a K-pop group 4Lit, as they begin their first live show, a villain appeared to use the Stark tech of the stadium. Even without her powers Seol Hee, aka Luna, stood up to the villain to protect her friends. The villain, The Joro Spider from A.I.M, locks Luna into the cryo-reactor. Thus, Luna Snow is born while fighting to free herself and her friends.

Strength of Character

Alyssa Wong creates the origin for yet another of the Future Fight characters in this Luna Snow one shot. Yet again, the issue is split into two issues featuring a story from the Future Avengers as well. In Luna Snow’s story Wong creates a character that is endearing and vulnerable, but incredibly brave. She exudes love for her grandmother and friends. She has strength of character that is of Superman standards. Wong’s ability to show her insecurities makes her relatable to the reader. You instantly root for her and engage in her relationships.

The story that Wong has created is interesting, exciting, and fun. Not only does she educate us on the K-pop life, but also alternative family structures, and how supportive young woman can be with one another. The Joro Spider’s selfishness is also made jarring against the selflessness of Luna Snow. Although, it still is unclear how Luna got her powers. She was not alone in the reactor, why did no one else get powers? What exactly are her powers? How does she know it won’t kill her adversaries? She is a compassionate human, I can’t see her taking that risk. That being said, it is still a fantastic origin.

Luna Snow Panel

Gorgeous Luna Snow

The artwork by Gang Hyuk Lim in the Luna Snow story is fantastic. The coloring and detail work created not only serves the story but engages readers to connect with all the characters. The closeness of the panels featuring the K-pop group shows you how close they are to each other. Each member is unique in look and personality. The action sequences and performance panels are drawn with a grace of movement. Hyuk Lim’s crowning achievement in this book is the two pages following her power manifestation. It is gorgeously drawn and although the colors are mostly blue, black and white the tactic is highly effective in evoking emotion.

Future Avengers

After the Luna Snow story ends, Future Avengers begins. This snip it of a story, also by Wong, is better than the section from the White Fox book. Here we see two members, Codec and Charade, looking back on past triumphs while they were training. Charade is a shape shifter but had trouble. Working with Codec she can finally get a hold of her ability. The story created is fun. Although Codec is fairly bland, Charade is bubbly and exciting.

Luna Snow panel 2

Ale Garza & Cory Hamscher’s art supports the story in a fun and quirky way. Charade’s hair is particularly amusing. The poofy blonde pig tails seem to have a life of their own and refuse to be forced into a shape they don’t want. The art accentuates the comedic timing of the story in this way. Dono Sanchez-Almara colors of the Future Avenger story is bold and eye catching. The coloration of the panels is reminiscent of cartoon anime. The story and art together make the reader feel this is a story for the younger readers, but still more enjoyable than previous outings.


Overall, just with White Fox, the story of the main event, Luna Snow, is the draw here. I am loving getting to know these Future Fight characters, but again would like it more if the origin were longer and the Future Avengers were their own book. That being said, Wong is great at creating these origin stories for these powerful women. With Luna Snow, she has created a backstory that only strengthens my interest in the character. The artwork by Gang Hyuk Lim is simply beautiful! It is also very cool that Marvel created music to link to the K-pop star. You can hear it here: One more issue to go for these Future Fight Firsts and I can’t wait to see what Wong brings us for Crescent & Io.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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