REVIEW: Doctor Doom #1

DOCTOR DOOM #1 / Writer: Christopher Cantwell / Artist: Salvador Larroca / Colorists: Guru-eFX / Graphic Designer: Carlos Lao / Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit / Cover Artist: ACO / Publisher: Marvel Comics / Published: October 9, 2019

The Weight of the World

Doctor Doom has always been a villain that can back up his ideals because he doesn’t just act like he knows better, he actually does. See, Victor’s voice is hard to harness because he is equal parts 60’s supervillain and severe threat, but Christopher Cantwell (She Could Fly) and Salvador Larroca (Uncanny X-Men) succeed. They give us a Doctor Doom, filled with doubts but good at hiding them, who is having visions of a possible other life. This depiction deals with the media and political aspects of ruling Latveria that leads me to expect an Aaron Sorkin-like take on the character until an intriguing twist ending.

 The Homeland

Latveria, the land Dr. Doom rules exists in all its wonder within this first issue. This should make Doom fans happy, because though he is a villain he is trying to keep his country safe, kind of like an evil Black Panther, but instead of vibranium, Doom uses magic. The citizens flesh out the piece in an excellent supporting cast, like Doom’s assistant Petra, her unseen but loyal father, Kang, and Zora, the new Latverian superhero created in Dan Slott’s Fantastic Four. All of this is displayed in intricately detailed Larroca art.

The Villain of the Piece

Despite the twist that seems to lead to a Doom-versus-the-world storyline where he’s innocent, Dr. Doom is a supervillain in all of this. There’s no “Oh he’s the good guy” stuff here, even if he is slightly kinder to Latverians. He literally orders the kidnapping of a newscaster for insulting him, complete with having him tied and gagged to the ceiling. He’s a bad dude, but someone’s trying to take him down by using that, and this book is an awesome mystery with modern political intrigue that excites me.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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