REVIEW: Batwoman s1e3 “Down Down Down”

Batwoman s1e3 Kate Alice Batsignal

Kate Kane’s mission to save her family and Gotham City from the evil terrorist Alice has some unintended consequences. Gotham City now believes that Batman has returned to save the city once again. This brings some of Batman and Bruce Wayne’s enemies out of hiding looking for revenge.

Alice is tormented by her past. She has nightmares, presumably about her life after the accident and how she came to be the twisted person she is now. Alice wants revenge on her father for thinking he gave up on her. Kate appeals to Alice, not as Batwoman but as her sister, trying to reach whatever part of Beth remains inside of Alice.

Batwoman s1e3 Kate Tommy Hush

Gotham City is further complicated by the arrival of Tommy Elliot, a childhood friend and current business rival of Bruce Wayne. He believes the return of Batman means Bruce Wayne has also returned. Seems Tommy was able to figure out Batman’s identity, and after a break-in at Wayne Industries Advanced Weaponry lab to steal an anti-Batsuit railgun, Tommy has his sights set on killing him.

Everyone in Gotham is convinced that Batman has returned, which is not what Kate set out to do. She doesn’t want to give the city false hope, nor does she want Batman’s baggage. Dealing with Batman’s past shows Kate she can’t be something she’s not and needs to create her own identity.

A lot is going on in this episode: Kate confronting Alice, Alice going after her father, Kate dealing with Tommy Elliot, and Sophie dealing with protecting Mary and bringing her closer to Kate and the family. That’s a lot of plot lines but “Down Down Down” never feels hard to follow, instead I think it matches the complicated life that a superhero would live, especially in a city with as much history as Gotham.

Batwoman s1e3 Kate Mary Sophie

“Down Down Down” is lighter on the superheroics than previous episodes, putting the focus on the characters instead. I appreciated a look into the twisted mind of Alice, plus Kate struggling with the mantle of the Bat. Tommy Elliot aka the Batman villain “Hush” is a welcome addition, but I’m hoping that Batwoman will not spend the rest of the season taking on Batman’s rogues gallery. Batwoman is a hero in her own right and deserves more than Batman’s leftovers.

Batwoman still shows some growing pains that come with any show’s early episodes. A few scenes of heavy exposition, especially Kate trying to force Tommy’s hand with the railgun, are awkward and forced. However, for as much backstory and character work as “Down Down Down” does this early in the season, it works well.

VERDICT 3.5 out of 5

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