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What’s up fam! It’s your friendly neighborhood EIC! It’s been a while since you’ve read anything from me, but that’s what life does to you. Keeps you busy. But regardless of that fact I’ve been working from behind the scenes with the amazing team of DYECB, and after some long conversation, we’ve decided to make some changes. And what I mean is, we are changing our name from “Do You Even Comic Book” to “Comics Horizon.“

New Horizons

There are a few things that brought this about. The main driving factor behind the change has to do with the message we want to bring across to you. DYECB is a fun name. It inspires chuckles. But it also very easily ruffled feathers at first glance. At its base, it’s rather combative without knowing the people involved or what it’s about. And while it could be playful, it could also be seen as aggressive. What we’d like to be is inviting instead.

Comics Horizon comes packed with the sense of wonder, and the exploration of something new, beyond the stereotypical, and often ill-informed idea of what a comic fan is. Comics Horizon is inviting and ever expanding. We think of the community as a comic family, and we want that family to feel welcome.

While before we informed all of our fam that “Yes You Do” even comic book, in response to those that would challenge them with such phrases. Now we freely forget those who would gatekeep the passions for our fandoms, and instead ask them to “Look on to new Horizons.”

Accompanying this name change will be new hashtags. With #NewHorizons for new comic book day. #EventHorizon, when discussing comic or real-life comic events. #OvertheHorizon for fancasting/theories/rumors/speculation in comics, and #OntheHorizon for any comic news. And of course, anything comic related at all should be tagged #ComicsHorizon so that people know where to turn for a great, inclusive community.

I am excited about this change, and I hope you are to. Onto the future and new horizons!

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