House Of X/Powers Of X Staff Discussion

House Of X and Powers Of X Staff Discussion


If you want some last-minute thoughts about the X-Men hit HoX/PoX before X-Men #1 then CJ, Piper, Marqees, Martin, and Kade have that down with a Q/A about the series.

Art done by Pepe Larraz

What are your favorite moments in HoX/PoX?

Piper: Definitely the scene with Destiny and Moira where she looks directly at Moira and says “Such a gift, knowledge. Yet here you are, using it to betray your own kind.”

Kade: When Emma shows up at Sabretooth’s hearing and tells the humans what’s what. She’s really stolen the show for me and Hickman writes her really well.

Marqees: One of my favorite moments was Emma Frost showing up the United Nation representatives in her supremely boss nature. My other favorite moment was Wolverine and Nightcrawler talking before the leap into certain death.

Martin: Kade hit the nail on the head with Emma’s scene. “Let’s pretend you could really stop me”. Classic.

CJ: When Magneto said, “You have new gods now.” It’s such a Magneto Line, but it also reads as a declaration of intent for this era.

In House Of X #4, The X-Men died in a horrific event. What were your reactions towards that?

Piper: Shock and intrigue because I knew that they were going to come back but didn’t know-how.

Kade: I immediately thought, oh, this probably has to do with the first scene.

Marqees: Honestly, I teared up a bit. This moment was so intense, it felt so final and that is a testament to Jonathan Hickman’s writing. 

Martin: Shocked, but trying to figure out how they were going to come back. Half expected Moira to show up and change something.

CJ: I did NOT expect that to happen! But it was intense and heartbreaking and unexpected. And I loved it.

Are you able to understand Krakoan thanks to HoX/PoX?

Piper: I deserve a Ph.D. in Krakoan.

Marqees: Not quite yet, I still need some time to study the alphabet a little more. 

Martin: I’m starting a college-level class in Krakoan.

CJ: *scribbling Krakoan on the walls*

Big one here, Wanda Maximoff, The Pretender. What were your thoughts?

Piper: I don’t entirely like it but it does possibly hint to Wanda (and possibly her brother) being a part of Hickman’s story.

Marqees: I like this, ever since the House of M event Wanda has been on the outs with the X-Men. Even when she helped Hope reignite the mutant race Wanda is still branded a traitor. It will be interesting how the X-Men will attempt to deal with her later on.  

Martin: Wanda Maximoff Redemption Tour is in effect.

CJ: I’m definitely thinking Hickman has something in store for Wanda, especially if it relates to House of M and the retcon of her no longer being Magneto’s daughter.

What are your theories for Dawn Of X moving on from HoX/PoX?

Piper: I have a feeling that the Quiet Council will eventually do things that the nation as a whole wouldn’t agree with.  

Marqees: The whole Destiny deal will definitely play a part. Mystique gets what she wants by any means necessary. Will that include betraying the mutants? 

Martin: You know full well and Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister are not going to stay in line.

CJ: Omega Red is going to bring trouble, Destiny and Moira will clash, and I see Xavier heading down a dark path.

A part of Tom Muller's X-Men #1 cover

What’s your favorite new team(s) out of the Dawn Of X line up?

Piper: Definitely Marauders and Excalibur.

Kade: I’m really excited about the main X-Men book by Hickman, but Marauders looks like so much fun.

Marqees: X-Men and X-Force are the books drawing my attention. I love that X-Men seems to be the Summers family adventure with Wolverine and Storm in tow. 

Martin: Marauders and Fallen Angels.

CJ: Marauders, Excalibur, and Fallen Angels.

Art done by Pepe Larraz

Would you say that this was Jonathan Hickman’s wildest story?

Piper: Yes and no. This story is still fresh and we haven’t seen most of the craziness yet. 

Kade: No, I think it’s out there for the X-Men, but having read Manhattan Projects and kept up with East of West I think it’s safe to say it hasn’t even gotten to the weird stuff yet.

Marqees: No, during his Avengers run he got into some really meta stuff with the Builders and what not. This story seems a little more grounded at least for Hickman. 

Martin: While I  consider what Hickman has done to the series is genius I still think his wildest story was Black Monday Murders. 

CJ: Considering he literally blew up the Marvel Universe in Secret Wars, we’ll have to see if he can top that.

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